Role of a Holistic Healer during the Pandemic

 The pandemic has affected people all over the world. It has compromised health, crushed goals, upended family dynamics, caused job loss and financial loss. One of the results of the pandemic is the impact on people’s health - mental, emotional, spiritual and physical

Though modern medicine has helped slow down the pandemic, practitioners have noticed that conventional medicine is not able to provide all the healing and help needed by the body to recover and recoup.

Why Is Holistic Healing a Better Option?

Holistic healing provides a whole-body approach to healthcare and is a combination of traditional medicine and alternative therapy. It treats the body, mind and soul together and treats underlying causes of disease and improves overall wellness.

Holistic Healing and the Coronavirus

The symptoms of coronavirus are varied and unusual. Different parts of the body and different organs are affected. There is no specific medicine that treats the virus. Allopathic medicine is only able to treat the symptoms of the patient. 

On the other hand, holistic healers provide treatments that include diet therapy, physiotherapy and yoga, homeopathic medicines for boosting immunity, integrative psychiatry, massages and acupuncture as a comprehensive way to treat the symptoms of coronavirus as well as to boost the overall wellness of the patient. 

There are different ways by which holistic healing helps people who have been affected by the pandemic. Some of them include:

1. Natural medicines that help raise immunity, thereby keeping you safe from infection.

2. Holistic diet and treatments that help manage symptoms and hasten recovery.

3. Integrative psychiatry to address mental issues caused by the pandemic or the illness.

4. Yoga, seated meditation and pranayama to reduce the severity of COVID-19.

5. Holistic diet, exercise and massage that can help deal with symptoms of long COVID and help the patient get back on the road to recovery much faster.

The role of a holistic healer has become very important after the pandemic as holistic healthcare has been shown to be of great help in boosting mental health, recovery rate and overall wellness of COVID-19 patients. 

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