Treating your Fungal Nail Infection: Best Homeopathic Medicines

Fungal infection of your nail can happen due to several reasons. The tendency is to ignore this problem until it leads to pain, irritation, swelling or some other great discomfort. Nail discoloration in severe cases might trigger action.

However by that time, the infection would have penetrated deeper, damaging the nail permanently. With homeopathic treatment, it is possible to get rid of toe or finger nail fungus effectively and permanently.

This post answers a few frequently asked questions about the problem, and concludes suggesting effective homeopathic medicines.

What causes nail fungus?

If you happen to develop nail fungus frequently, the culprit that causes it may be your detergent or water. Sometimes, improper and careless manicure or pedicure may cause the problem.

You are susceptible to nail fungal infection if you have suffered injury in the nail margin. Also, diabetes or any disease that causes poor blood circulation can lead to fungal nail infection. Age is yet another major factor that contributes to nail infection.

How you can detect nail infection

If you notice sudden discoloration or distortion of the nail, you might be suffering from fungal nail infection. Sometimes the nail turns brittle or thicker. In serious cases, the affected portion emits a foul odor, or the nail is seen separated from the nail bed.

How homeopathy treats fungal nail infection

Homeopathy works best in treating nail fungus, because it addresses the root of the problem and treats accordingly. As already mentioned, there are several reasons that may contribute to nail fungus.

A homeopathy medicine practitioner first asks several questions to identify the basic cause correctly, and then only prescribes suitable remedies. Homeopathy treats the infection the safest way, without any side effect.  

Effective homeopathic remedies for nail fungus 

Homeopathic medicines are always recommended, based firmly on symptoms. Antimonium Crudum is the doctor’s first choice, if the nail has become distorted from fungus attack. Silicea is suggested, if nail fungus has led to pus formation around the toenail portion. The medicine offers relief from sharp pain too.

Graphites works best if nail cracking occurs along with fungal infection. Bufo Rana is quite effective when the nail color has turned blue or black. Flouric Acid assures positive result, if the nail grows fast with longitudinal ridges due to fungal infection. 

A few other effective homeopathic medicines suggested in relation to specific symptoms are Acid nit, Acid Chrysarobinum, Acid flour, Calc sulp, Alumina, Causticum, Myristica and Nat sulp. 

A proper diagnosis is absolutely necessary to ensure prompt result. Do consult an experienced homeopath for sound advice on the right medicines in right dosage and right duration.

And the most important point to keep in mind before taking homeopathy treatment is that it takes time to heal. If you are in the habit of expecting a treatment to work like magic overnight, then homeopathy may disappoint you!  Besides taking medicines, you need to keep the affected areas dry and clean to prevent recurrence of the infection.