Homeopathy and the Human Immune System

Immune System

The immune system helps the body defend itself against microbes, like viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. From the moment that we are born, we are exposed to all kinds of contaminants and microorganisms. The immune system repels these attacks and as it fights them, it grows stronger. Our body learns to adapt to these incursions and is constantly improving the immune system by remembering threats.

Immune System

For example, if your body has been exposed to a disease earlier, it remembers the composition of the microbe that caused it and releases appropriate antibodies if the threat surfaces again. But if the body has never been faced with a certain illness before, it has no defense against this new threat and may find it more difficult to organize it to react quickly and effectively. This is why strengthening the body’s immunity is important. 

Our natural immunity can be weakened or strengthened depending on our lifestyle and habits. A good lifestyle, healthy eating habits and regular exercise can boost the immune system.

Why Is Homeopathy Effective in Boosting Immunity?

Homeopathy is an effective way to boost the body's immune system because it treats the individual as a whole while also providing a personalized treatment plan. It uses a holistic approach that helps in strengthening a person’s natural defenses. Homeopathic medication is prescribed, taking into account the person’s body type, lifestyle and habits. Even if two people have identical symptoms, they will be treated differently based on personal data.

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Now more than ever, during these pandemic times, your immune system needs help. Homeopathy gives it this boost without side-effects. Homeopathic remedies help the immune system in its fight against cold and influenza, body aches and fever and strengthens the system against viruses.

While there is no specific homeopathic medicine to boost immunity, the homeopath will use a combination of medications that work together with your body to aid your immune system in its defense against illnesses.