Understanding the Specialty of Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathy is a popular form of medicine and is practiced widely across the world. The main reasons for its popularity are the special way in which homeopathic medicines are prepared and its holistic treatment of the ill.


Homeopathy as a Credible Medical System

The credibility of any medical system is   based on the quality of its medicine. The medicines should be able to withstand qualitative and quantitative analysis and provide adequate information on their preparations, description, formulation, analytic composition, etc. In homeopathic medication, further information on the physical constants and the chemical properties of the herb used as well as the strength, purity and dosage need to be explained. As you can see, a lot of quality control and strict analysis goes into the preparation of homeopathic medication.

How Are Homeopathic Medicines Prepared?

Nearly 70% of homeopathic medicines are derived from herbs.  Homeopathic medicines usually consist of several combinations of source materials. Only a small quantity of source materials is used to make the medicines. It is diluted several times with water to ensure that while treating the illness, the medication does not cause any side effects.

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Sources of Homeopathic Medicines

Herbs: They could be from the fruit, seed, stem, bark, flower, leaf, stigma or root.

Animal or Animal Products: Some homeopathic medicines are derived from animal or animal products like spiders and honey bees.

Minerals: This could include metals, non-metals and their compounds.

Healthy Tissues: Healthy human/animal tissues and secretions may be used to prepare homeopathic medicines.

Imponderables: Certain energy sources such as magnetism, x-ray, radiation, etc. may be used in the formulations.

The medicines prepared from these source materials are free of side effects or reactions due to the way in which the material is extracted and prepared. If you suffer from a chronic or long-term illness, you should consider homeopathic treatment from a good homeopathic doctor in the Bay Area.