How are homeopathic medicines prepared?

Homeopathy treats illnesses in a gentle way using a sophisticated system of remedies. Homeopathic medicines use highly diluted substances to trigger self-healing in the body and to stimulate a precise reaction against symptoms of an illness.

In homeopathy, two patients with the exact illness will not receive the same medication. For example, a person who has a cold with a chest congestion will be given a different medication from one who has a cold with a headache.

How are homeopathic medicines prepared?


How are homeopathic medicines made?

Homeopathic medication is usually in the form of small white balls. These balls are made of extremely small quantities of nanoparticles extracted from plants, animals or minerals. These particles undergo sequential dilution to make effective solutions.

What is sequential dilation?

Homeopathic medications may be prepared from soluble or insoluble material. With soluble material, the solution that is extracted is mixed with water, right away. Insoluble substances are first ground up with lactose, and only then are the extracted nanoparticles mixed with water. The quantity of extraction in both cases is very minute and is in the form of an essence or tincture.

Sequential dilation is the term given to the repeated mixing of solute and water. The mixture is shaken vigorously before being diluted again. This could be repeated many times. This kind of sequential dilution modifies the water structure to form the medication.

How does the medication work?

The homeopathic dilution is considered to have nanoparticles, which intensify its essence. This energy signature in the particles stimulates the patient's vital force. The dilution is usually administered in water as drops or as tiny sugar pellets.

Homeopathic doctors will assess a patient and offer a combination of homeopathic medication depending on the symptoms of the illness. If you want services of a Homeopathic Doctor in the Bay Area, you could search online, and you can find one close to you.