Is the Winter Chill Causing Joint Pain?

The winter cold can aggravate aches and pains. While most people are enjoying the holiday season, the elderly, people with injuries and those who suffer from arthritis, view the drop in temperature with apprehension as it means an increase in pain.

Is the Winter Chill Causing Joint Pain?


Why Does Joint Pain Increase in Winter?

· The synovial fluid that lubricates your joints gets thicker in cold temperatures and this makes your joints stiffer and more painful.

· In cold weather, blood gets routed away from the arms and legs to vital organs in an effort to keep them warm. This takes warmth away from the joints making them ache.

· Cold can make your muscles tighten up, making you less flexible while causing more pain.

How to Alleviate Joint Pain in Winter

· Regular exercise, even indoors, can help in warming up the body to bring down soreness and pain.

· Keeping oneself warm will reduce the tightening of muscles and will help circulate the blood more evenly.

· If the pain is very severe, medication may be needed to get some relief.

Homeopathy to Alleviate Joint Pain

People who suffer from chronic pain may need to take medication constantly to manage their pain. In the cold season, the medication may have to be increased for adequate pain management. Long term allopathic medication is not advisable as it has a lot of side effects.

Homeopathy is a better option to deal with joint pain for a number of reasons. Homeopathy treats pain holistically. This means that the treatment given will not only provide pain relief, but will also treat the underlying cause of pain. Another reason for homeopathy being a better option is that homeopathic medication does not cause any side effects, even when taken for a long period.

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