Holistic Approach to Raising Immunity!

Boost Your Immune System in a Holistic Way

How Does Our Immune System Work?

Our body has a set of protocols that it follows if it is threatened. If our body is attacked by a virus, our immune system produces antigens to attack the virus and get rid of it. It further triggers the lymphocytes to create antibodies to protect us. It is a marvellous system that helps keep us safe from disease.

Holistic Approach to Raising Immunity!

The Two-Pronged Holistic Approach

There are two ways by which a viral illness can be managed. One way, is to treat the symptoms and bring relief to the patient. The other way, is to boost the immune system and ensure that the person’s inherent defence mechanism helps keep the disease at bay. This is a holistic way of treating an illness.

Conventional medicine only treats the symptoms; it does not boost the immune system. That is one reason why people get relapses and fall sick often. They do not build immunity to that virus and fall ill when the virus attacks again. In contrast, homeopathy slowly and gradually builds up the immune system while relieving symptoms.

Homeopathy and the Immune System

Homeopathic medicine has been popular in Europe and America from around the 17th century because of its success in treating people suffering from often fatal illnesses like cholera, typhoid, yellow fever and scarlet fever.

Homeopathic medication is given in small and safe doses and is individualized to the patient and the illness. It stimulates the immune system to work harder, thereby making it stronger. Homeopathic medication consists of a very small amount of the active ingredient and is given in a diluted form which ensures that even prolonged use does not trigger any side effect.

In today’s reality and given the current situation in the world, building up immunity would seem to be the holistic way to move forward.