Treating Cough and Cold with Homeopathy

The common cold is the result of a viral infection in the respiratory tract. The severity of the infection varies from just cough and sneezing to runny nose, headache and fever. If the infection is severe, it could turn into influenza. The condition is called “common” cold because it is something everyone suffers from sooner or later and suffering once is no protection from coming down with a cold or flu again in the future.It is often possible to continue with normal activities while suffering from a cold although the discomfort can be intense. The infection will typically disappear on its own after a week or so. A vaccine against influenza has been available for many years, but because there are so many different strains of the disease, there is no real certainty that the vaccine will prevent the infection.

Homeopathy Treatment

Traditional Medication

Pharmaceutical companies have over the years, spent billions of dollars in efforts to find a way to prevent a cold or cure it if it does occur with no real results. Traditional medicine offers a range of medications to suppress the symptoms and reduce the discomfort. These typically consist of painkillers for body ache, nasal sprays and decongestants, paracetamol to bring down fever and so on. This may make the patient feel better and allow him or her to carry on with normal activities with less discomfort, but the condition is only suppressed. The side effects of these medications are often as bad as the infection itself.

The Homeopathic Alternative

The human body is continuously assaulted by germs, viruses and bacteria every minute of every day. The body’s defense system is normally strong enough to counter these attacks without us even being aware of what is happening. However, when the defense is breached and a viral infection like a cold or flu develops, traditional medicine acts to suppress the symptoms and by doing so, also suppresses the body’s own efforts to fight the illness. Homeopathic medicine, on the other hand, uses natural ingredients to both alleviate the symptoms and supplement the body’s efforts to cure itself. This results in a safe, quick and effective means of fighting the illness and enhancing the recovery process without the risk of unpleasant and often unhealthy side effects that result from traditional medications.

A major advantage of homeopathy is that it does not look at cold or flu as standalone medical problems with different medicines to suppress the various symptoms. Instead, homeopathy takes a holistic view of the patient and diagnoses the medical condition in relation to the unique requirement of each patient. This results in medication/treatment that provides the patient’s metabolic system with the increased ability to fight the illness without recourse to laboratory developed medications that only suppress the symptoms. Homeopathy provides a way of fighting and recovering from common cold or flu ina safe and effective manner.

Because homeopathy looks at the patient in totality and not just at the illness, two patients with identical symptoms may be prescribed different medications to suit their individual metabolic needs. A homeopathic doctor will be able to prescribe the right cold or flu medicine depending on the specific needs of the patient.