Homeopathy for Seniors

Advances in healthcare mean that we are now not only healthier than ever before but are also living longer. Retirement is no longer the time to slow down and take it easy. Instead, these are now the years when people are able to stay active and indulge in the activities and interests that they could not pursue during their professional years. While people are now active and energetic well into their senior years, the fact remains that they are no longer as young as they used to be and as a result, they need to take steps to maintain their health so that they are able to continue enjoying life to the fullest. Unfortunately, today this often means having a medicine cabinet full of various types of medications to be taken either to prevent the onset of medical problems or to suppress the symptoms if they should arise.

The Problem with Traditional Medication

Traditional medicine continues to make great advances and is effective in dealing with certain medical problems. However, it is not the only solution to medical issues nor is it the only path to good health. In fact, the over-dependence on traditional medication is one of the major reasons for health concerns, especially among seniors. Traditional medicine relies on the use of drugs and chemicals created in laboratories to deal with sickness and promote recovery. The problem is that using these artificial substances suppresses the body’s own inherent ability to fight diseases and stay healthy. This results in a cycle where medication suppresses the body’s own defenses which in turn makes the body weaker and as a result stronger medication is required as time passes. In time, the need to take medication simply to remain active becomes a part of life. While on the surface, the problem may not appear to be very serious, the reality is that this means that the body which is aging, loses its ability to stay healthy in a natural manner. There is also the psychological factor – when a person needs strong medication just to stay “healthy”, he will never have the confidence in his health and will remain mentally dependent on the medication.

The Healthier and Safer Option

An increasing number of Americans of all ages are today turning to homeopathy to stay healthy. Homeopathy uses only naturally occurring substances to support the body’s own ability to fight diseases and heal itself. This means that there are no problems of side effects from the medication used and there is also no danger of becoming dependent or even addicted to any medication. As the body ages, the metabolism naturally slows down. This means that the use of conventional medicines can possibly cause reactions or lead to other health issues as the metabolism is no longer able to deal with the effects of the artificial substances that are being introduced into the body. This is not the case with homeopathy.

This proven and gentle yet effective system of health maintenance that homeopathy offers is the right way to age with grace and retain the good health that will enable seniors to demonstrate that the phrase “golden years” does not simply refer to a time of life, but also refers to the quality with which that life is lived and enjoyed. To know more about the use of homeopathy for better health in the senior years, contact a homeopathic doctor.