Easing Eyestrain

The more the time that you spend looking at your computer monitor, your smartphone or your TV, the more the strain that you are placing on your eyes. Being connected and online 24 hours a day may have its benefits, but good health and clear vision are not among them. The light emitted by the screens of smartphones, tablets, e-books, etc. stresses the eyes. Also, the need to read small characters while watching real-life surroundings increases the stress the eye is placed under. As the eyes become increasingly tired, the frequency of blinking reduces which exacerbates the problem because it is the blinking that spreads tears across the eye surface and helps keep the eyes moist.

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If there is serious eye irritation or if vision is affected, it is important that an eye specialist is

•  Redness:  This is the most common effect of eyestrain. It is usually accompanied by other symptoms and various types of discomfort such as dryness, burning sensation in the eye and a foreign body sensation in the eye. Euphralia eye drops are used to provide relief from redness and other problems.

•  Dry Eyes: Homeopathy has both eye drops and oral medications to deal with this problem. These include Bryonia alba 9 CH and Alumina 9 CH. Bryonia alba is usually prescribed when there is dryness of the mouth as well. Alumina 9CH is often given when an inadequate intake of water makes the dryness worse.  A doctor will determine the best option for you. 

•  Eye Fatigue: This is when there is no significant redness, dryness or irritation but the eyes feel tired, similar to the way the feet feel after a very long walk. If your eyes feel tired most of the time and closing them for a few minutes provides temporary relief, then it is likely that you suffer from eye fatigue.

contacted without delay. However, to treat lifestyle-related eyestrain, homeopathy is the best option. Homeopathy does not merely suppress the symptoms but works to help the body naturally overcome the causes of the problem; it is also safe, effective, free from side effects and offers a long-term solution to the problem. Among the most common results of eyestrain are:

While homeopathic medication offers effective treatment for these and other problems caused by eyestrain related to lifestyle issues, it is also important to look at modifying the time spent on the activities that cause the problem. It is not realistic to think that you will never view your digital devices. However, ensuring that your eyes get enough rest will, along with homeopathy, provide the most effective long term cure while enabling you to remain connected with the digital world.

As with any form of medicine, self-diagnosis and treatment are not advisable. Contact a homeopathic doctor who will examine you to understand the causes of the eyestrain – there may be factors you do not realize that are contributing to the problem. Once the nature of the condition and its causes are understood, you will be prescribed homeopathic medications that will be most effective in relieving you of the eyestrain.  Eyestrain develops slowly and often people do not fully realize the discomfort they are subjected to. It is only when the problem is resolved that they realize the value of stress-free eyes.