Treating Constipation with Homeopathy

Constipation is a health issue that no one wants to talk about. People talk without hesitation when it comes to back pain, joint issues and other problems. However, when it comes to constipation, which is far more prevalent, silence descends. Everyone has suffered from it. Constipation can range from occasional bouts lasting just a few days to a chronic condition which requires medical treatment to prevent it from progressing to a more serious condition. The frequency of the bowel movements varies from person to person – it can range from 2 or 3 times a day to 2 or 3 times a week. The frequency of the movement is not the main factor in identifying constipation, although it is important.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay
The Symptoms

The most common symptoms of constipation include:
  • Difficulty in passing stools
  • Hard stools that are painful to pass
  • Bowel movements that are irregular or occur less than 2 or 3 times a week on a regular basis
  • A bloated or distended feel in the lower abdomen
  • Excessive flatulence
  • An overall sense of not having a complete bowel movement
The Causes

There are a number of possible causes for this condition. While any one of them is enough to cause a problem, often it is a combination of a few that results in it.
  • Lack of fiber in the diet
  • Insufficient intake of water
  • Improper diet
  • Excessive consumption of junk food and sodas
  • Not chewing food properly or eating too fast
  • Smoking or stopping smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Use of various medications that may cause constipation as a side effect
  • Prolonged use of laxatives and enemas
  • Intake of dietary supplements like iron
  • Age-related issues
  • Chemical or hormonal imbalances in the body
  • Tension, stress, and anxiety
  • And others
When regular bowel movement is interrupted or affected in any way, it should not be ignored. Occasional bouts of constipation, if not treated in time, could, in some cases, lead to a chronic condition which in turn can affect the overall health and lead to other serious medical conditions.


Conventional medicine treats constipation with the use of laxatives and enemas. The problem here is that the prolonged use of laxatives and enemas can further weaken and reduce the natural bowel movement and over time, the body becomes dependent on them. This can cause a number of other health-related issues. A far safer and equally, if not more effective form of treatment is homeopathy.  

Homeopathy does not work on a one-size-fits-all system. A homeopathic doctor will first identify the cause of the problem and then prescribe a specific medicine to treat the cause. Once the cause is effectively treated, the symptoms will naturally disappear and the body metabolism regains its natural balance. Homeopathy works by increasing the body’s natural ability to fight and cure itself of medical problems rather than use laboratory-developed chemicals to suppress the symptoms until the problem fades away. Constipation is nothing to be ashamed of; everyone suffers or has suffered from it in some form. Consult a homeopathic doctor to get the treatment that will safely and effectively give you the relief you need.