Homeopathic Treatment of Hypertension

Stress is an integral part of modern life. While most of us think that we are able to deal with it without much of a problem, the fact is that we are rarely as successful as we think we are. One of the most common physical conditions that stress results in, is hypertension or, as it is more commonly known, high blood pressure. Hypertension has other causes too, including an unhealthy diet and/or lifestyle. Whatever be the cause, this is a condition that, if not controlled, can lead to a number of cardiovascular diseases. These could, in the worst case scenario, be fatal. The symptoms of hypertension are varied and are often unnoticed or dismissed as being nothing but a niggle that will pass off. The longer the condition is ignored, the greater the risk.

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Traditional treatment

The traditional way of treating hypertension is by:

       ·    Lifestyle changes to remove unhealthy habits

       ·    Diet modifications

       ·    Medication

The first 2 steps are always good and will result in an overall improvement in health. However, they are not enough to treat the condition effectively, which is why medications have to be used. The problem here is that the effectiveness of the medicine is open to question and the results can be misleading. Prescription drugs to control blood pressure work to reduce the symptoms. That is, they bring the pressure down when blood pressure is checked. However, while the pressure may be down, the underlying cause of the problem is not being fully dealt with. This means that the medications have to be used for a very long time during which they can cause serious side effects or result in other medical conditions being created. Long term dependency on prescription medications is never a good thing. That is why homeopathic treatment of hypertension is growing in popularity.

The homeopathic option

Homeopathy does not limit itself to finding a quick fix by suppressing the symptoms of a medical condition. Instead, it not only treats the cause so that the symptoms reduce and disappear but also deals with the source of the problem. This is done by using natural substances that the body accepts easily. These substances work to mimic, in a very mild form, the cause of the condition and by doing so, stimulate the body’s own defenses to naturally fight off the causes of the high blood pressure. The results are lasting and side effect free. Also, contrary to popular myth, homeopathy is not slow acting.  It provides quick relief and is tangible.

There are a number of homeopathic medications for hypertension. What is prescribed will depend on the cause of the condition and the nature and severity of the symptoms. These medications include:

       ·  Belladonna
       ·  Nux Vomica
       ·  Glonine

       · Natrum Mur

Homeopathic medicines may be safe and side effects free, but that does not mean that self-medication is the right way to proceed. It is important that hypertension is examined and diagnosed by a qualified homeopathic doctor who will then be able to prescribe the medication which will provide the quickest and most lasting relief. Homeopathy is not a fad or a system of home remedies. It is a form of medication and treatment that has been in existence, in its modern form, for over a century and is used by millions of people across the globe.