Homeopathic Treatment of Anemia

Hemoglobin is the chemical in the blood that carries oxygen to all parts of the body. It is that which gives the red blood cells (RBCs) their red color. When the amount of hemoglobin in the blood drops to below normal levels, a medical condition called anemia occurs. Due to this condition, energy levels and stamina drop and shortness of breath occurs, as the metabolism does  not receive enough oxygen. The heartbeat becomes faster than normal when any form of exercise is undertaken. People with anemia usually have pale washed out complexions.

The causes:

Anemia can be caused by a variety of factors. These include trauma, blood loss due to an injury, menstrual  bleeding or a blood borne disease that prevents the bone marrow from producing adequate quantities of RBCs. It may also occur due to a deficiency of one or more essential chemicals in the body, drug addiction and bacterial infections. Anemia caused by chemical deficiency is the most common form because of inadequate amounts of Vitamins B12, B9, B6, C and E. Other sources of anemia are  iron deficiency, hyperthyroidism, lead toxicity, excessive alcohol consumption and infectious diseases.

Homeopathic treatment:

Homeopathy is known to be a very effective form of treatment for all types of anemia. It  works on the principle of “like cures like.” This means that it uses a small diluted amount of whatever has caused the problem, either by not being present in the body or present in too small a quantity, to stimulate the metabolism and produce what is needed, to bring about an equilibrium in the system. This is not only effective, but also safe because prescription drugs which may cause adverse side effects and drug dependencies are not ingested.  The body thus finds its own cure for the ailment.


There are a number of homeopathic medicines that treat anemia – the type and cause of the condition will decide the right medication.  The most common medicines used are:
           ·   Pulsatilla which is usually given to treat anemia in women caused due to menstrual bleeding, blood loss after childbirth and other such conditions.

           ·   Phosphorus which is a highly effective medicine for exhaustion, weakness, lack of energy and lassitude due to anemia.

           ·   Cinchona, in cases where the anemia is caused  by blood loss due to injury.

           ·   Nit-Acid which is effective for almost all forms of anemia and is often given to patients who have a craving to eat  chalk, paper, soil or other indigestible substances, the consumption of which serves to worsen the health condition of the patient.

           ·   Natrum Mur , when anemia is caused not by physical issues but because of mental or emotional stress , that has an adverse effect on the functioning of the metabolic system.

Consult A Homeopathic Doctor

As with any form of medicine, taking the right medication for a specific condition is critical to recovery. That is why even though homeopathic medicines are safe, it is unwise to self-medicate oneself with them. Consulting a qualified homeopathic doctor will ensure that you are given the right medicine and the right dosage, to enable a rapid and complete cure for anemia or other medical conditions, you may be suffering from.