Homeopathy and Insomnia

The problem of insomnia is one that is affecting an increasing number of people. Its causes are many – stress, tension, unhealthy lifestyles, addictions and dependencies, emotional turmoil and so on. Everyone suffers from an occasional restless night where sleep is elusive, and the morning finds the person feeling dull and unrefreshed. That is not insomnia – that is, to put it simply, just a bad night. It is when the problem is a long lasting or regularly recurring one that the condition is chronic and becomes insomnia. Insomnia is defined as being a sleep disorder in which a person finds it hard to fall asleep or to stay asleep. The condition also includes symptoms like restless sleep, bad sleep quality, waking up frequently at night and waking up feeling tired.

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Traditional Medicine And Its Problems

The objective of traditional medicine is to try and force the body into sleep. This is done by prescribing medications that cause chemical reactions in the metabolism.These “sleeping pills” are broadly divided into 2 broad categories – sedative hypnotics and barbiturates. Hypnotics are typically anti-anxiety medicines and increase the feeling of drowsiness. Barbiturates act to depress and control the central nervous system so as to achieve a mild degree of sedation resulting in the person falling asleep. Sleeping pills may provide some amount of immediate relief from the problem, but the dangers of their side effects are serious. These range from physical issues like heartburn to weakness and fatigue, tremors of the hands, vertigo and much more. Mental problems like memory problems, attention deficits, unusual dreams, inability to focus or concentrate etc. are also common. Addiction to the pills is another common problem. It is because of the variety of dangerous side effects that people are now turning to homeopathy to provide them a safe, effective and lasting solution to their insomnia problems.

Homeopathy And Its Benefits

Homeopathic medicines are derived from naturally occurring substances and so are easily accepted by the body. Besides being highly effective in both inducing sleep and improving its quality, they are completely safe as they do not have any side effects. There are different medicines for different types of insomnia.

      ·         If insomnia is caused by an overactive brain and constant thinking, then Coffea Cruda may be prescribed.
      ·         If the insomnia is related to some kind of depression, then Aurum, Naturum Mur or Ignatia may be prescribed.
      ·         For stress-related cases of sleeplessness, Kali Phos is often prescribed.
      ·         In cases of interrupted sleep or frequently waking up, Nux Vomica may be the right medicine.

Get the Right Diagnosis And Treatment

Because insomnia can have such a devastating effect on a person’s life, it is tempting to grab hold of the first medicine that promises relief. While homeopathic medicines are safe, it is important that a homeopathic doctor does a complete examination of the patient so that an accurate diagnosis of the exact nature of the condition can be made and then specific medicines prescribed. This will ensure that the maximum benefits are obtained and the problem of not just insomnia itself but the effects it has on a person’s life, are resolved. Homeopathy promises people with insomnia a cure for their problem without the worry of any unwanted side effects or addiction.