Homeopathy for Sore Muscles

There is no question that exercise is good for you, in just about every way imaginable. However, often the end of a workout is the start of sore and painful muscles. The reason could be an irregular schedule that has placed excess stress on the muscles, a stressful and/or intensive workout or a new workout that was attempted. Whatever the reason, pain after a workout is something everyone experiences once in a while.

What Are Sore Muscles?

Muscles are masses of fibrous tissue that cause the body to move by their contraction and expansion. If the muscles are pushed beyond their limits, they become sore. The main causes of this problem are lifting heavy weights, over strenuous exercise, excessive stretching of the muscles, exertion over too long a period and injury. There are 2 main types of muscles soreness and pain – acute and delayed. In the case of acute soreness, the pain begins during or immediately after the exercise. In the case of delayed soreness, it is felt from a few hours to a few days after the exertion. In both cases, there is pain, soreness and muscles that are tender to the touch. Resting the affected muscles will bring relief from the pain.

Using Medications

However,resting the muscles can take a considerable period of time and many people choose to use medications to speed up the process. The problem with traditional medication is that they tend to suppress the signs of the problem, in this case pain, without actually dealing with the cause. In such cases the absence of the symptoms can lead to the already damaged muscles being overused again, worsening the problem. Another issue is that a dependency could develop and the user may need to keep taking the medication to suppress the pain while continuing to exercise. In such cases, the dependency could become an addiction and this can have serious physical and psychological side effects.

The Safe and Effective Alternative

Homeopathy offers a safe and side-effect free way of dealing with muscle pain with no risk of future addiction. Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own ability to deal with, and respond to, the pain and soreness. In other words, the body cures itself of the problem, with support from homeopathy. Since this is a solution to the problem and not a suppression of it, dependency and addiction issues do not arise. The results are tangible and fast so that the soreness does not cause an extended break from exercise and physical activity.

Common medications include:
                     ·         Arnica – a general purpose medication
                     ·         Rhus Tox – for soreness from excessive stretching or exertion
                     ·         Bryonia Alba – To supplement the effects of resting the muscles
                     ·         Cimicifuga – For soreness of large muscles
                     ·         Sanguinaria Can – for weakness and fatigue that accompanies soreness
                     ·         And many more
      Self-Medication Is Not Advisable

      Although homeopathic medications are safe, they should be taken after an examination by a qualified homeopathic doctor. She will, after determining the exact cause and extent of the problem, prescribe medications that will be most effective and produce the most rapid results. Whether you suffer from muscle soreness after a weekend walk or because of a rigorous daily workout, homeopathy will help to prevent the soreness that robs physical activity of its pleasure and health benefits.