Homeopathy and Seasonal Allergies

Summer is around the corner and while most people welcome it, for those with seasonal allergies, it can be a time of discomfort, sickness, being imprisoned indoors and deprived of the food they love. For them, it is not the season for fun.The sneezing and runny noses that are part of the allergic reaction may not seem to be very serious, but allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in America with over 50 million people suffering from them each year.

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The Effect on your Health

Even a mild allergic reaction can have a knockdown affect on your overall health. A runny nose means you breath through the mouth, which makes the mouth dry causing a higher than normal water intake which in turn causes bloating. Breathing through the mouth is also less efficient than through the nose and this impacts the overall functioning of the body. When the body is functioning more slowly than normal and is in a weaker state, it is prone to contracting other illnesses. In addition, the slowness and weakness make getting sufficient exercise difficult and this too has a negative impact on strength and resistance. If the pun may be excused, even a mild allergic reaction is nothing to be sneezed at!

The Common Misconception

The most common misconception about allergies is that they are caused byallergens such as pollen, dust, dander and so on. Actually, this is incorrect. If that were the case, everyone who came into contract with allergens should develop reactions but that does not happen. The fact is that the human body is programmed to react when it comes into contact with specific substances. The substances vary from person to person. The cause of this predisposition to react is often hereditary or due to other medical conditions.

The Right Treatment         

Conventional medicine relies on steroids, antihistamines and desensitization medication to suppress the body’s reaction to the allergens. While this does provide relief from the symptoms, the cause of the problem has not been dealt with. The use of these medications needs to be continued for extended periods or the relief will be short-lived. Over time the side effects of these medicines could also become harmful.

Homeopathy is no longer “alternative medicine” and today millions of people all over the world have found that it offers a safe, highly effective way of treating all kinds of illnesses. Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathy is what is often called a “constitutional medicine” which works not to simply suppress the body’s natural reactions but rather to enable the body to accept the allergens without reacting to them. In other words, homeopathy works to bring those who react to specific allergens to the same level of resistance as those who do not react to them.

Find the Right Doctor

As with any form of medicine, being treated by a doctor who has the skill, experience and knowledge to understand the nature of the specific problem, and what medication will work best to cure it, is critical to the success of the treatment. If you have been a martyr to allergies, go to a homeopathic medical specialist with the best qualifications and an impeccable reputation. The freedom from allergies you can expect will change the quality of your life.