Homeopathic Treatment of Arthritis

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a generic term for a variety of conditions that affect bone joints and cause chronic pain and swelling, among other symptoms. It is one of the most widespread of medical conditions with an estimated 46 million people in the U.S. and 300 million worldwide suffering from it. The most common form, called osteoarthritis, generally affects people of about 60 years of age and above. However, it can develop at any age and over 25,000 children in this country suffer from a form of it called Juvenile Arthritis.

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The Symptoms

The most common symptoms of the condition are stiffness and pain in the joints, redness and swelling of the affected part of the body and in some cases, weight loss and fever. Arthritis usually results in varying degrees of movement limitation, depending on its severity.

The Causes

The causes could be generic or be due to any of the following factors:

   ·       Obesity and advancing age – these are the most common causes

          ·       Injury to the bone, ligament or cartilage

          ·        Overuse of the joints

          ·         Infections that affect the joints

          ·         Sprains due to sudden awkward movements that do not heal properly

          ·         Dislocation of the joint

          ·         Malignancies and tumors

          ·         Various diseases

The Diagnosis

Diagnosis requires the completion of a range of tests which include, but are not limited to:

     ·         A complete physical examination with a special focus on the affected joint(s)and an evaluation of the pain, swelling, stiffness, tenderness and limitations of movement

    ·         Laboratory examination of the joint fluid

           ·         X-ray of the affected joint to look for signs of physical damage or fractures.

           ·         MRI to detect damaged ligaments and other similar problems

           ·         Test for TB which can also cause joint problems

           ·         Blood tests

           ·         Urine tests

Traditional Treatment

Traditional treatment for arthritis is typically very aggressive. It involves:
           ·         Drug treatments including the use of anti-inflammatory medications of varying strengths

           ·         Immunosuppressive medication (which restrict the functioning of the body’s immune system)

           ·         Antibiotics
           ·         Medication to lower uric acid in the system

           ·         Corticosteroids which are injected directly into the affected joints. The relief from pain is rapid but the results may be only temporary

     ·         Surgical treatment in the form of joint replacement. This is most successful in the case of knee and hip replacement. 

The medication options often involve unpleasant side effects and the surgery would mean a long recovery period.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is less aggressive in its approach to arthritis but that does not mean that it is less effective. Homeopathy looks at the symptoms as the route to the underlying cause of the condition. The specific reason why a patient is susceptible to the condition is also evaluated. Based onthese results, and the specific location and nature of the pain, swelling, limited movement and other issues, a course of medication is prescribed. There are a number of well established homeopathic remedies for arthritis which have proven to be most effective. Treatment by a qualified and experienced homeopathic doctor means that a lasting cure for arthritis is possible, and the side effects of strong traditional medication or surgical procedures can be avoided. If you suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned here, consult a homeopathic doctor. Whether the cause is arthritis or something else, the sooner homeopathic treatment is begun, the earlier will be the cure.