Understanding Psychosynthesis

Good health is an important matter in everybody’s life. Traditional medicine works by the use of medication or surgery to cure an illness that exists in the physical body. The problem with this approach is that it is meant to be and is post active – it begins its work in response to an illness that has already developed.

Many methods of the commonly called ‘alternative medicine’ take another approach – that of working in the first place to prevent sickness from developing. They believe in the dictum “Prevention is better than cure”. Nowhere is this truer than in the system of homeopathy. One of the less understood and yet a basic aspect of homeopathy is the concept of psychosynthesis.

What is psychosynthesis?

The concept of psychosynthesis dates from the work of Roberto Assagioli, an Italian psychiatrist, in the early part of the 20th century. It is a derivative of psychoanalysis; in its most basic sense, it is an inclusive process of human growth. That the mind, spirit and body are all interconnected and that they have a major influence on each other is an established fact.

A body that is in good physical condition will be adversely affected by the negativity of the mind or spirit. Conversely, a sick body will affect your healthy spirit and mind. A psychiatrist treats conditions of the mind. A priest helps deal with problems of the spirit. A doctor of medicine deals with illnesses of the body. While each of these diverse treatments may be effective in itself, there is no interaction between the three, leading to a mutually supporting and holistically positive effect on any human condition.

Psychosynthesis is the process of consciously strengthening the bonds that connect these three facets of human existence to provide for all round health and well-being. It is a psychological approach to the way of life you ought to lead and live. It helps you understand self and the way the world around impacts existence of self. By doing this you understand better your needs and by fulfilling them, you achieve your full potential.

Most people carry around unwanted spiritual and mental baggage. Psychosynthesis enables you to see clearly your own baggage that holds you back. When you divest yourself of it, you move forward to a more productive, fruitful and rewarding life that includes first holistic health.

The way to holistic health

It is true that homeopathy cannot guarantee you will never ever fall sick. However, it does strengthen your body in conjunction with your mind and spirit. That is surely an integral part of a human being; the risk of any sickness is thus reduced. Should any illness occur, there are proactive and effective ways of dealing with it. Psychosynthesis is a vital part of that process and it plays a significant role in strengthening the overall human condition to function at its best.

Homeopathy is not an “alternative” system: it is part of mainstream medicine in this sense! To know more about holistic health as derived from the inputs of psychosynthesis, contact an experienced homeopathic doctor who applies the insights of psychosynthesis to homeopathy. Your body, mind and spirit will all be the better for it!