Managing Diabetes : How Homeopathy Can Help

An increase in blood glucose levels is an unmistakable feature of Diabetes Mellitus, also known as Type 2 diabetes or adult onset diabetes. It is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce the hormone ‘insulin’, or that of the body cells to respond correctly to the insulin produced. It is important to understand that insulin is a vital hormone that helps monitoring the metabolism of sugar in the human body.

Basic symptoms of diabetes mellitus include excessive thirst, urination and weight loss, along with uncharacteristic lack of energy. These symptoms are often not very noticeable, which facilitates diabetes to remain undetected for several years.

Risk factors associated with Type 2 diabetes

A sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors, hypertension, pregnancy, and cardiovascular diseases, besides race and gender can increase a person’s vulnerability to diabetes. It is worth noting that diabetes mellitus is strongly associated with growing age and obesity. A stressful lifestyle or a crisis can further add to an increased level of blood sugar. This metabolic disorder is prevalent worldwide. 

Without proper management, diabetes can lead to serious consequences. Some common complaints related to this disease are kidney damage, numbness in feet and hands, damage to eyes, skin ulcers, chronic constipation, extreme weakness, and poor memory.

How can homeopathy help diabetic patients?

The foundation of homeopathy is the understanding that a disorder is an affliction of the entire body. For this reason, homeopathic remedies are focused on strengthening the natural immune system; it helps boost innate vital forces that stimulate the human body to heal itself.

With specific reference to diabetes management, homeopathic remedies are prescribed according to patient-specific symptoms to promote palliative care. A qualified homeopath will go a step further and advise dietary changes and regular exercise. This is because homeopathic remedies function as a support system and work best in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits that strengthen the body naturally.

Common homeopathic remedies

As mentioned above, homeopaths prescribe remedies for diabetes according to an individual patient’s unique symptoms and underlying causes. Here are some of the most popular remedies:
  1. Uranium nitrate: Uranium nitrate is very helpful in cases where the patient experiences among other symptoms an enormous appetite, and yet gradually wastes away.
  2. Byronia: Byronia deals with symptoms of languor, moroseness, persistent bitter taste in the mouth, and lack of hunger and thirst.
  3. Phosphoric acid: Phosphoric acid takes care of diabetes mellitus caused by high anxiety and is especially useful during the early stages of this illness.
  4. Phosphorus: Phosphorus helps control weak vision, a symptom commonly associated with diabetes.
Homeopathic remedies should never be taken as over-the-counter medication, especially in the case of a disease such as diabetes in its chronic condition. You would do well to contact a qualified and much experienced homeopath in your area to help you manage diabetes effectively, in conjunction with your current treatment. You can be sure that you would experience soon a radical improvement in your overall wellbeing.