Homeopathy does Arrest Hair Loss

Hair fall has become such a common problem nowadays that it impacts almost every age group, irrespective of gender. Medically termed alopecia, hair loss can be categorized into several patterns. The most intimidating form of baldness is when an individual loses almost 95% of hair from the scalp. It is typically a hereditary problem, limited mostly to men, and irreversible in the majority of cases.

Another category is alopecia areata, which in simple term is defined as temporary patchy hair fall. It can happen due to extreme weather condition, mental stress, or some underlying medical conditions.

The general conception is that it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of hair loss. Yet with homeopathy, it is possible to treat the severe and preliminary signs of baldness. Here we discuss different causes and symptoms of hair fall, and how homeopathy can treat alopecia.

Causes of hair loss

Ageing is the most common cause, which triggers hair fall. If you lose hair at an early age, examine whether it is a hereditary trait. Apart from these, other typical causes of alopecia include hormonal changes, serious illnesses, scalp infection, certain medications or therapies, excessive physical or mental stress and nervous habits. Frequent shampooing and blow-drying can trigger hair loss as well.

Signs of hair fall

Major symptoms of hair loss are: progressive loss of hair density on top of the head; formation of bald spots; abrupt loosening of hair; loss of hair all over the body; the spreading of scaling on the scalp.

Again, male and female hair loss patterns are different. Male hair thinning generally starts at the temples and crown portions. Female hair loss typically starts on the central portion of the top of the head, where women part their hair.

Can homeopathy prevent hair fall?

Hair loss is usually an indication of underlying health conditions, which need to be diagnosed and treated. This is exactly where homeopathy can be helpful in the prevention of hair loss. An experienced homeopathy medicine practitioner can identify for you the real reasons for your hair fall. Accordingly the treatment is started and medicines prescribed.

Best homeopathy medicines for hair loss

There are several homeopathy medicines that can reduce or completely arrest the symptoms of hair fall. Natrum Muriaticum is prescribed, if hair starts loosening, when you just comb or even touch. A daily dose of Carbo Vegetabilis can offer relief, if some severe illness is the cause of hair fall.

If you suffer from chronic headache, which in turn triggers hair fall, then Sepia can help. Phosphorous is suggested for patients who experience dry and flaky bald spots on head. Graphites is prescribed, when baldness occurs on both sides of the head; also, it is recommended for those who suffer from heavy sweating on the head.

A few other homeopathic medicines advised as per symptoms are Phosphoric acid, Thallium, Vinca, Fluoric Acid and so on.

Homeopathy does offer hope for millions vexed by baldness, provided the treatment is done the right way. Do consult an expert homeopathic medicine practitioner to start the appropriate treatment plan matching your body needs.