Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: Top Five Homeopathic Remedies for You

Do you suffer irregular periods? If ‘yes’, it should be your nightmare, for sure!  It’s not uncommon for women to experience delayed menses occasionally.

However, if it recurs too often, it may portend something serious – an endocrine disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS in medical terminology.

A woman with polycystic ovary might experience excessive hair fall, acne, and/or hair growth on face and other unusual parts of body, apart from irregular period.

Sometimes she may start gaining weight too. PCOS is one serious syndrome, which can have a heavy toll on fertility. In fact, it has become one of the major causes of infertility in women.

The good news is that polycystic ovary can be successfully treated with homeopathic medicine. There are some very effective homeopathic remedies available, which not only get rid of the disease completely, but also do it safely sans any adverse side effect.

However the homeopathic treatment takes some time. You can’t expect results in a few days. Discussed below are five best homeopathic remedies, which can work wonders with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Sepia for scanty/irregular menses

This medicine ensures regular menstrual cycle and effective treatment of infertility, related to PCOS. Also, it is prescribed to prevent embarrassing facial hair growth, especially on the upper lip. 

Sepia deals effectively with some other symptoms like unpleasant sensation in the pelvic region, mental irritation, sensitivity to cold air and indifferent approach towards the near ones.

Calcarea Carb for prolonged and heavy periods

This remedy works best in the event of heavy bleeding over a prolonged period.  It helps control excessive weight gain as well.  Calcarea Carb is advised for sensitivity to cold air, heavy sweating on head, and strange cravings for some unusual foods.

Pulsatilla for suppressed menses

This medicine treats successfully failure of the occurrence of menses; when it occurs again, the flow remains scanty and painful. Pulsatilla actually removes the obstacles, suppressing the period, by increasing body’s capability to re-establish the menstrual flow.

It is often recommended for young girls, many of whom experience irregular periods at puberty. The homeopathy practitioner looks for symptoms such as mild, sensitive nature, tendency to weep at the slightest provocation, total absence of thirst and a desire to remain in cool open air. 

Thuja Occidentalis for multiple cysts 

This is the magical medicine which can totally dissolve any abnormal growth within the body, including cysts. Thuja patients generally suffer from retarded menstrual flow due to cysts, which become more pronounced in the left ovary. The medicine can control hormonal imbalance too. 

Sulfur and Silicea for PCOS-related pimples and acnes

Sulfur and silicea are prescribed when polycystic ovary causes acnes and pimples. Sulfur can effectively heal most cases of acnes, and Silicea works best when the acne contains pus. 

Homeopathy medicines vary from patient to patient, depending on patient-specific symptoms. So it is always advisable to seek the expert advice of an experienced homeopathic medicine practitioner, before starting any medication for polycystic ovary.