Homeopathy can Shield You from Miscarriage

Pregnancy is the most blissful period in your life when you start making plans for the cute little darling.  You revel in sweet dreams and aspirations centering the unborn.

Naturally, you would shudder at even a passing thought of any mishap during the term. Should any such thing happen, that would shatter not only your life, but also the peace and harmony of your family.

Unfortunately, in spite of all precautions, miscarriages do happen any time, leading to unexpected termination of pregnancy. Miscarriage, in medical terminology ‘spontaneous abortion’, occurs when the fetus fails to survive.

If you are planning pregnancy anytime soon, it is important to be aware of some basic facts related to miscarriage. This would not only help avoid any emergency, but also preserve good health during the pregnancy period.

Causes for miscarriage

If there is any abnormal development of the fetus, the first trimester is the riskiest period; it is during this period when most miscarriages occur anytime.

Inadequate implantation can cause poor fetal nutrition, leading to miscarriage. Some immunological factors too may be responsible for this condition. Ovary-related problems can also cause the mishap.

In some cases the fetus growth stops due to certain infections like Syphilis, Rubella, or Poliomyelitis. Apart from these cases, pregnancy after the age of 40, unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking may also lead to abrupt abortion.


The following are the typical symptoms of miscarriage: severe abdominal pain, cramps, back pain, mild to severe vaginal bleeding and clotting, fever and weakness. If you observe any of these symptoms, get in touch with a gynecologist immediately to assess the situation.

Homeopathy treatment for miscarriage

Homeopathy ensures a holistic approach to miscarriage by addressing first all signs and symptoms from which the patient might be suffering. The ulterior purpose of homeopathy is not only to manage miscarriage, but also to deal with the primary causes and individual vulnerability.

However, it is very important that the therapeutic medication is prescribed in relation to patient-specific causes, feelings and degree of complaints.

Homeopathy medicines for miscarriage

The following are some homeopathic remedies usually prescribed for patients susceptible to miscarriage. Apis Mel Is advised if the patient has suffered abortion during the third month of pregnancy. Arnica Montana can prove to be really helpful, if there is the risk of miscarriage due to sudden accident.

Aletris Far works well for patients suffering from weakness, anemia and fear of abrupt abortion. Baptesia is the perfect remedy, if miscarriage is likely to be triggered by low fever, shock and mental depression.

Sabina works best when the patient complains of pain in the small of the back and genitals along with dark red bleeding. This is an excellent remedy if abortion tends to happen every second or third month of pregnancy.

Apart from these, homeopathy medicines like Sepia, Caulophyllum, Thyreoidinum, Tuberculinum, Aconite Nap, Ferrum Met, Ipecauc, Calcaria Carb, etc., are suggested to treat varied symptoms like habitual abortion in later months of pregnancy, heavy bleeding, leucorrhea with premature menstruation, weakness of uterus and so on.

To conclude, it is never advisable to try homeopathy medicines on your own when the problem is as serious as miscarriage. Do consult a reputable, qualified homeopathy medicine practitioner before starting any medication.