Five Common Ailments that Homeopathy can Treat

Winter is the time when several ailments raise their ugly heads. If you are known to catch cough and cold easily, or suffer from asthmatic problems, the sudden drop in temperature may not be favorable to your health. The same holds true for those having high blood pressure, or suffering from joint pain and arthritis problems.

Even skin problems occur quite commonly during winter months, as your skin tends to get dry. Rather than running to your general physician every time, a wiser approach to adopt would be to rely on homeopathic treatments.

The best aspect about homeopathic medication is that you can continue it along with your regular medicines. Side effects are very rare, though you might need to adopt a patient approach while taking homeopathic medicines. Discussed below are five common ailments, which homeopathy can treat successfully.

Cough and cold

If you have running nose, then Aconite 30 can offer relief. If your cough and cold just refuse to subside, the color of mucus turns white, and you have breathing problem too, then Kali Mur is suggested. Hepar Sulph is prescribed for those having fever with heavy head and chest along with shivering. Also, this medicine offers relief to patients suffering from Sinus.

Fever and tonsillitis

Extreme throat pain which comes and goes can be cured with Phytolacca 30. Those suffering from swollen tonsil, along with weak memory can take Baryta Carb. When the tonsil has turned white, rely on Kali Mur. Fever, cough and cold, with red eyes can be treated with Belladonna. Patients with high fever, extreme body pain and vomiting tendency can get relief by taking Rhus Tox 200.

Arthritis and other pains

If your arthritis problem aggravates during specific periods like full-moon and no-moon, you can get relief by taking Calc Curb. Those who complain of body stiffness in the morning, which becomes normal gradually can do a course of Rhus Tox. Apart from these, Bryonia, Pulsatilla, Hepar Sulph, and Medorrhinum are also suggested for patients suffering from long-time arthritis and body pain.

Constipation, stomach pain and infection

Calc Phos is the medicine you are recommended to treat chronic constipation. If you prefer sweets, and often complain of stomach infection, try out Sulphur. Obese patients with the complaint of constipation, who can’t do without egg and meat, can get fast relief by taking Calc Curb. Twisting pain around the navel, bloated and hard abdomen, itching of the anus, and worms can be cured with Cina.

White Spots in the skin and infections

Thuja is considered the most effective homeopathy medicine for fungal infections of the ear, foot, skin, and nail. It is safe for sensitive skin, and can be very helpful in treating skin itchiness, corns, and brown spots on the skin. Calc Phos is suggested for patients having white spots on skin. Apart from these, Natrum Sulph, Tellurium, and Graphites are also prescribed to cure different types of skin allergies. 

Homeopathy treatment is based entirely on symptoms. So, it is always advisable for you to consult an expert homeopathic practitioner; accurate suggestions are dependent on closely observed symptoms; success of the treatment in turn depends on taking properly the prescribed medicines.