Five Best Homeopathic Medicines for You to Ease Heel Pain

Heel pain can restrict movements to a great extent, as you start feeling discomfort while walking or standing for long hours. Medically termed calcaneal spur (or heel spur), the condition develops due to continuous stress on the heel area. As a result, the muscle, tendons and fascia (fibrous connective tissue occurring in sheets) that protect the heel bone get damaged. This leads to sharp, dull or pin-pricking pain; it gets worse when you put your foot on ground after prolonged hours of inactivity. This is the reason why people often complain of excessive heel pain in the morning.

Heel spur is mostly noticed among obese people and athletes. High heels and ill-fitting shoes can also trigger formation of calcium deposits on the heel bone. If left untreated, this foot condition in its worst form might disturb your overall persona. Homeopathy can offer completely safe and wholesome treatment of heel spur without any adverse side effect. Described below are five best homeopathic medicines which can really work wonders in easing heel pain and dissolving the spur completely.

Calcarea Fluor

It is a natural homeopathic medicine which has proved to be quite effective in dissolving heel spur. The remedy can be tried in all cases no matter whether the spur is painful or not. Calcarea Fluor is the physician’s first choice when it comes to a safe treatment of heel spur.

Ammonium Mur

This homeopathic medicine is extremely helpful if you feel pain in the heel while walking. It helps not only reduce heel pain due to heel spur, but also dissolve the spur. You can particularly benefit from this remedy if you complain of heel pain in the morning. Ammonium Mur is the choice if the pain is ripping or scratching in nature.

Rhus Tox

This natural homeopathic remedy is recommended when you feel pain in your heel while standing for long hours. Rhus Tox also plays a significant role in repairing damaged or stressed muscles and tendons that cover the heel bone area. Then it helps dissolve the spur too. So, it can be said that Rhus Tox addresses the problem methodically, starting from pain relief, and ending with spur removal. It offers fast relief if the nature of pain is stitching in character or the feeling is that of a nail’s pricking under the skin.

Aurum Met

This homeopathic medicine is prescribed for you if you feel the pain in the heel at night. It helps ease pain and discomfort, arising from heel spur.


This natural homeopathic remedy works best when the heel pain afflicts Achilles tendon, i.e., the calf muscle that connects the back of your leg to the heel portion. Practitioners of homeopathic medicine prescribe Ruta to treat bone and tendon complications.

As evident from the above description, each homeopathic medicine used to cure heel spur works in a unique manner.  So, a proper diagnosis of the heel pain based on a close observation of the symptoms and the time of occurrence is very important for a suitable remedy. Rather than trying out cures on your own, it is always advisable to seek an expert practitioner’s opinion to benefit from homeopathic treatments.