Five Prime Causes of High BP and Homeopathy Solutions

Blood Pressure is one ailment which comes without prior notice. Symptoms like headache, nausea or dizziness are so common that people often relate them to indigestion, work pressure or inadequate sleep. One aspect which can’t be denied is that stress factors and erratic lifestyle do trigger hypertension. From the homeopathic viewpoint, diverse health problems which anyone experiences are co-related.  The cure lies in revitalizing and balancing the body’s internal healing system. Homeopathy has the potential to cure high blood pressure with respect to patient-specific symptoms. Listed for you here are five prime causes which can lead to hypertension, and appropriate homeopathy solutions available for fast relief.

Tension in family

Family life means you get entangled in trying situations almost on a daily basis. There are many individuals who feel anxious about every challenge in the family, be it kid’s education, planning an upcoming birthday celebration or holiday, catching an early morning flight and so on. Those who are highly sensitive to family issues tend to suffer more. If such constant worries lead to bouts of diarrhea, then homeopathy practitioners recommend Argentum nitricum for such patients. It is also prescribed for those who crave sweet items, but often feel unwell after eating them.

Business worry

There are business persons who take their careers too seriously, and tend to work to perfection. They just can’t accept sportingly a loss or failure in business. Whenever problems arise, they can neither solve them satisfactorily, nor resist feeling miserable; they feel thoroughly beaten and end up depressed with their blood pressure shooting up. They feel heavy in the chest which becomes worse at night. Such patients often crave alcohol. Aurum metallicum works wonders for them.


There are women who experience hot flashes and chest constriction after menopause. They feel worse even after sleeping, especially after taking afternoon naps. Often they change to loose clothing just because of the tight feeling in the chest. If not treated in time, they can end up with high BP. Lachesis is the right remedy for such women patients.

Pressure at workplace

If you are a workaholic working hard to meet deadlines and targets, and if you tend to get irritated even with trivial snags at workplace, then you should keep a close watch on your blood pressure level. If you have the tendency to work late and drink cups of coffee to keep going, and if you prefer to settle down with a few drinks and snacks at the end of the day and skip proper dinner, then there is every chance that you are suffering from indigestion, bloating and constipation. Nux vomica is the perfect medicine which would help de-stress workaholics like you.

Age-related nerve damage

With age, many suffer from stiff arteries and neuralgic pains down the legs. They might experience tightness of chest and occasional trembling. Since such symptoms develop rather slowly, seniors tend to overlook often those symptoms. Plumbum metallicum is a good choice for them.

It’s a fact that high blood pressure causes and symptoms vary from one individual to another. You should never try out self-help homeopathy treatments. Consult an expert homeopathic medicine practitioner to control your BP and remain always healthy.