5 Great Homeopathic Remedies for You to Get Relief from Allergies

Seasonal allergies are a nuisance that many people suffer from. Though these are not chronic problems, you would definitely like to get rid of them as soon as possible. One of the natural, and yet most effective ways to get rid of allergies is to use homeopathic remedies. It's a system of medicine that considers thoroughly the symptoms that annoy you and determines a remedy that treats the root of the problem.

Here are the top five of the commonest seasonal allergies along with their respective homeopathic remedies:

1. Arsenic Album for nasal allergy: Arsenic Album is one of the most effective medicines to take in case you are suffering from nasal allergy. In this form of nasal allergy, the patient usually suffers from  continuous watery discharge from the nose and nasal abrasions due to frequent blowing and rubbing. If you feel intensely thirsty and it's difficult for you to inhale in open air, this medicine offers you speedy relief.

2. Ipecac for cough with wheezing sound: If you suffer from allergic cough accompanied by a wheezing sound, along with tightness of the chest, difficulty in breathing and suffocation, Ipecac is the best bet for you. In such a condition, you might feel worse during the night in your bed, and sitting up may provide some relief. Along with this medicine, you may also consider taking some warm drinks (soups, tea etc) for soothing relief.

3. Carbo veg for food allergy: Food allergy is a common illness that people often suffer from. Carbo veg works  best for egg allergy. It is prescribed when someone shows symptoms such as gas in the stomach, nausea, loose offensive stool, and vomiting after eating eggs.

4. Euphrasia for allergic conjunctivitis: Euphrasia is considered to be one of the most effective homeopathic remedies for allergic conjunctivitis. If you are suffering from burning eyes and feeling very sensitive to light, you may consider taking this medicine. Common symptoms of this allergy include reddened cheeks and eyes. The symptoms of the eyes may worsen in open air, while the nasal discharge may worsen during night, while lying down.

5. Wyethia for itching in nose, roof of mouth and throat: Itching in the roof of the mouth, nose and throat is one of the most common symptoms of cold allergies. When affected by such conditions, you can get speedy relief with the use of Wyethia. Other common symptoms of this allergy are swollen throat with constant irritation, dry as well as sneezing cough, along with itchiness in ear canals, eyes and skin as well as apathy to work, inability to concentrate etc.When suffering from cold allergies, you may also tend to clear your throat constantly.

In case you are undergoing any special kind of treatment or are pregnant, it's always advisable to consult your homeopathic doctor before using any of these remedies. Even when you are otherwise healthy and have no pre-existing health conditions, you should consult an experienced homeopathic doctor about these allergies. This is because homeopathic medicines are prescribed on an individual basis depending on the unique symptoms of individual patient. Two people suffering from apparently the same allergy may in fact have differing  symptoms, which would warrant different medicines for them. So, act cautiously and make an informed choice to get relief from these allergies the natural way, with homeopathic remedies.