Can Homeopathy help recover from Alcohol Addiction?

Alcoholism is one of the most chronic diseases all over the world that people often suffer from. It can turn out to be fatal, if not treated properly and at the right time. A person is considered to be alcoholic when he or she is preoccupied with alcohol in any of its forms and doesn't have any control over alcohol intake. It usually involves physical dependence on alcohol. However, social, psychological and genetic factors also contribute to this type of addiction. Considering the consequences of having alcohol extensively, many people try to get rid of the addiction on their own. On the other hand, there are many who are put into rehabilitation centers and counseled to leave alcohol. However, when someone suddenly stops alcohol intake or reduces it to a significant extent, he/she is most likely to suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

How to deal with withdrawal symptoms?

Excessive and prolonged alcohol intake leads to acute physical as well as mental dependence on it. Sudden reduction in intake or cessation will give rise to certain withdrawal symptoms that are nothing but one's response to the lack of alcohol that his/her body has been habituated of getting for a long period of time. Fatigue, nausea and mild anxiety are some of the common symptoms that one can experience as alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Although there are many ways to treat alcohol addiction, homeopathy is considered to be one of the most effective and sustainable means of treatment. 

Some homeopathic remedies and medicines for recovering from alcohol addiction are:-

  • Hyoscyamus – Delirium is one of the most common states of a patient who is going through the process of withdrawal. It's a disturbed state of mind with illusions, incoherence and restlessness occurring in intoxication. During this condition, the skin of the patient is clammy and cold and the pulse is compressible, quick and small. The patient may even pick objects in the air constantly or try to escape them. According to experienced homeopathic doctors, Hyoscyamus is extremely effective for producing sleep. The advisable dosage is five or ten drops in half a glass of water and one needs to be given teaspoonful doses every half hour to get effective results.
  • Nux Vomica – It is one of the strongest anti-alcoholic remedies, which is effective for treating symptoms like nervous affection, tremor, bad taste and headache. This medicine also corresponds to conditions termed as delirium tremens during which the patient doesn't get any rest and even a little noise frightens him. During this condition, the patient experiences disturbed sleep and may spring up at night, along with having frightful visions. Nux Vomica should be given to the patient when he is still under the direct influence of liquor.

Opium and Cannabis Indica are some of the other drugs that help recover from alcohol addiction. Homeopathy is a healing system that helps restore the harmony and balance in one's body, mind and spirit. Most importantly, it offers long-term benefits when it comes to getting rid of chronic diseases like alcohol addiction. It not only helps cure one's physical health, but also boosts one's mental health. Homeopathic treatment can boost one's immune system as well, apart from increasing his/her stamina and energy and motivating him/her to live a more fulfilling life.