Beat Stress and Anxiety with Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis Defined
Psychosynthesis refers to a comprehensive approach of development and self-realization of human abilities. It is a type of psychotherapy developed by Dr. Roberto Assagioli, which focuses on various levels of conscience to address the conflicts within and discover one’s true nature and potential, which in turn helps in leading a healthy lifestyle.
How is Psychosynthesis Different from Any Other Psychotherapy?
Though Psychosynthesis can be categorized as psychotherapy, it is termed as the psychology of the soul or spirit because it involves addressing human aspirations, creative insight and intuitions. It helps you to know more about yourself and your life. This lets you trust your individualistic processes of growth to unfold your true nature. It helps you to deal with your physical illness as well as your inner struggles and conflicts such as anxiety, trauma, etc.

Psychosynthesis is not always directed towards individuals. It may also have its focus on the society or the group of people with whom the individual is associated with, such as friends, family, colleagues, etc.
What actually makes this method unique is its integrated techniques used to address both the materialistic and spiritual world of an individual. Though it addresses the spiritual aspect of a person, this approach eliminates the root cause of issues with a strong psychological perspective.
Address Anxiety, Stress, and Other Issues with Psychosynthesis
Since Psychosynthesis helps in improving self-esteem, it lets you deal with all your negative emotions, while rekindling positive ones like trust, self-belief, etc. Any kind of known or unknown fear towards life is also eliminated completely.
The Exact Process Involved in Psychosynthesis
Experts in the field of Psychosynthesis administer various procedures to help patients. The entire treatment involves a combination of various counseling sessions, exercises and other active techniques that stimulate psychic functions. Psychosynthesis helps a person develop individually, socially, and spiritually. The focus of various stages of this treatment is to address the different levels of human nature, which includes:-
  • Analytical Aspect: This stage helps in identifying internal emotional blocks and explore the unconscious level, thus using these blocks as learning steps to growth.
  • Emotional Mastery: This involves training psychological functions to make permanent positive changes.
  • Transformation: Once the positive changes are made permanent, this new personality is refashioned to look at life with a newer, positive outlook.
  • Relationship: Every patient is helped to discover his or her natural qualities of love, empathy, compassion, etc.
  • Spiritual Aspect: One of the essential aspects of Psychosynthesis is addressing the spiritual side of a man, which in turn helps him/her to discover their true self and produce great results.
Effective Methods of Psychosynthesis
Some of the effective methods adopted in Psychosynthesis treatment include:-
  • Free drawing
  • Meditation
  • Dialogues
  • Visualization
  • Guided imagery
  • Body movement
  • Story telling
  • Dream awareness
All these methods not only ease unknown fear, stress and anxiety, but also help in creating a new identity, personally and socially.

Psychosynthesis involves a holistic approach that reinforces strength and positivity in the inner personality that expresses itself in the outside world. It literally churns an individual from the core and transforms him or her to begin a new life with a very positive approach.