Healing with Homeopathy – How Does it Work?

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic healing process that considers the person as a whole and takes into account the physical, emotional and mental symptoms to find a cure. The principle of homeopathy has been known and practiced by many across the centuries but it was Samuel Hahnemann, a man of German origin, who got it recognized as a form of medical practice under alternative medicine.

Foundation of Homeopathy – Like Cures Like

The law of ‘similar’ is the basis of homeopathic treatment. This law states that in case a substance produces symptoms of illness in a healthy person, it can trigger healing in an ill person when it has been prepared and potentized as a homeopathic medicine. A good example to relate to this could be the onion. While peeling an onion, the eyes become watery and some may even experience a running nose. In homeopathy, this aspect can be used to treat common cold allergy symptoms like running nose and watery eyes. With his experiments and theory derived from test results, Hahnemann established this feature as the foundation of homeopathic cure which says “let like be cured by like".

Homeopathic medicines are very safe as they have been prepared from natural ingredients to work on different energy levels. The ingredient of these medicines is chosen to match or mimic the patient’s symptoms to trigger the resonance response and help start the appropriate defense mechanism required for the patient’s healing process.

How Homeopathy Works

Homeopathic treatment is different from that offered by herbal or natural medicine. The former is prepared for different energy levels on the principle of ‘similar’, but the latter isn’t.

Homeopathy dissipates different blockages in the sick person by stimulating energy levels in the patient. As there was no stimulation to trigger the natural healing in the patient earlier, the blockages were not dissipated. After the release of these blockages, the individual patient’s ability to 'vent' the symptoms gets a boost, which facilitates in re-balancing and restoring the patient’s health.

Once you administer homeopathic medicines, the initial blockage is released and energetic healing gets started, which quickens the recovery process. This process can be easily compared with the pushing of a big rock from a cliff. One energetic thrust is required to push the rock and the rock starts rolling down on its own, driven by gravity or what we call ‘natural forces.’

In case of common illnesses like cold, flu or some injury that involve a solitary blockage, only one homeopathic remedial measure can work wonders and offer speedy, long-lasting relief. However, in cases of chronic illnesses which involve multiple blockages, a series of remedial measures may be required. In these cases, each pattern of the blockage is taken care of by a specific remedial measure, paving way for healing, layer by layer.

Holistic Healing

The USP of homeopathy lies in considering the patient as a whole rather than treating the symptoms in isolation. This holistic method of cure considers the physical, emotional and mental symptoms of a patient to get a ‘holistic’ understanding of the ailment. For example, a person complaining of chest discomfort may have some deep rooted inner disturbance that is caused by grief or personal loss and the subsequent inability to vent these feelings. Rather than treating the outward symptom of chest discomfort, homeopathy delves deeper to find the root cause and treat it (which, in this case, is to help that inner sadness or grief to be vented).

Homeopathy uses potentized healing agents that leverage the self healing power within us. Despite being invisible, this life preserving power can work wonders, when it’s stimulated in the right way by homeopathy.