Treating Psychological Disorders and Mental illness with Homeopathy

Psychological Disorders and Mental illnesses are debilitating conditions that can impact any gender profile or age group. Apart from being deeply disturbing for the individual it leads to extremes in behavioral patterns like suicide, abuse or can be just a temporary passing phase. People who suffer from any type of disorder or illness that is related to the mind can never be positive or see things straight. They will experience symptoms like sadness, anxiety, irritability, moodiness, depression and anger.  The only cure for such disorders and illnesses is through a professional treatment given in a conscious manner to treat the problem and not just relieve the symptoms.

Treating Psychological Disorders and Mental illness with Homeopathy

There are so many disadvantages when mental disorders are treated with conventional medicine. Firstly, psychiatrists or doctors will never prescribe just one drug to treat and cure the problem. Usually a combination of drugs is prescribed in the hope that at least one or more will be effective in curing the problem. This practice has proven futile time and again. Patients will never achieve a complete cure and in some cases will exhibit bad side effects that destroy their health.

The practice of using multiple drugs by a single individual is termed as “Polypharmacy”. It has been practiced worldwide in psychologically affected individuals or those with a history of mental illness. This practice has led to a number of readmissions in hospitals and health care facilities simply because the patients exhibited poor health with no sign of a cure.

Doctors who practice alternative forms of medicine like homeopathy believe that there is not just one possible reason for the escalation of the illness or disorder. This stays true for psychological disorders as well as mental illnesses that have affected the young and old of our generation. Homeopathic doctors say that when the body is attacked with a particular illness, it displays symptoms as sign of defense to adapt and respond to the problem. Homeopathic medication is different from conventional medicine because it gives the body time to heal itself. The healing power of nature that is present in homeopathic medicines brings about a whole cure.

Conventional drugs are used to just suppress the symptoms of mental illness and psychological disorders. This suppresses the individual’s emotions as well. When emotions get continually suppressed there is a maximum risk of it exploding at the wrong place and wrong time which leads to disastrous effects on the body and mind. It could also prove to be life threatening. That is a high price to pay for using conventional drugs. Modern medicine is all about finding a temporary solution which only regresses the illness and may also bring it with other health problems. In the case of mental illness and disorders, the patient may feel delusional and suicidal.

The only system of medicine that is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this generation is homeopathy. Homeopathy is used to treat bipolar disorders, depression, panic attacks, anger outbursts and the like. What’s more, every individual is prescribed individualized treatment which means that no two people have the same types of medication. Homeopathy medicines are prescribed based on the person’s health problem, history of illness and mode of lifestyle.

According to statistics, homeopathy has proven to be more effective than modern medicine when more than 60% of patients with psychological disorders and mental illnesses had scored +2 or +3 results over patients who have used conventional medication. Homeopathic medicines are not given for just one problem but for treating the body as a whole. It is put to use in a unique way based on a patient’s experiences with the problem. That is why the medicine supports and complements the body’s defense mechanism to fight the illness or disorder by matching the symptoms. It is intellectually sound and complex compared to just mindlessly popping pills for relief. Talk with an experienced homeopathic doctor before using any type of medicines. Only a homeopath is qualified and exercises the right to prescribe medication and practice homeopathic medicine. Also, you should find out if your homeopath has a professional clinic or hospital before fixing an appointment. Make sure they can be trusted to keep all your medical records confidentially.