The Risk that NSAIDs Pose to Athletes and Sports People

Homeopathy is known to effectively cure a large percentage of sports related injuries and health problems when compared to modern medicine. The treatment does no harm to the patient physically as all the medicines used are obtained from natural substances. There has been a disturbing practice in sports medicine that uses conventional drugs and medicines to complicate rehabilitation and recovery process. It also gives rise to other career threatening injuries and health problems. Why do athletes and sports people turn to conventional medicine then? It’s because it provides temporary relief, which is nothing but suppressing the symptoms and prolonging the problem.  These harmful drugs and so called performance enhancing substances are used frequently. There is not much thought given to finding a lasting cure for the injury or illness. These conventional medicines are prescribed by physicians and physiotherapists to aid in rehabilitation and recovery. But, it has only shown the opposite effect of alleviating symptoms and the problem coming back with full vengeance to destroy an athlete’s career.

Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory medicines are now being used by sports people and athletes from all over the world to enhance their performance levels. It is also used avoid pain during competitions and treat existing sports injuries. They are commonly termed as NSAIDs, which appear to be harmless. They are used to treat injuries, fight pain and inflammation. However, these drugs contain substances like Ibuprofen, Salicylic acid and Acetaminophen. These substances cause side effects after a period of time. Athletes and sports persons who use these drugs start to feel the negative effects once they begin taking it frequently. Some side effects are listed below for your understanding:

  • Slows down the body’s natural healing process
  • Weakens the immune system
  • Causes Gastritis, Peptic ulcers, GI bleeding and Kidney Failure
  • Dulls the body’s perception of pain signals
  • Risks worsening existing health problems and injuries
  • Promotes onset of chronic injuries without chances of recovery
During practise/training sessions and rigorous physical workouts, many sports people and athletes use NSAIDs. When drugs like these are used regularly, the body is at great risk for developing additional health problems and career threatening injuries. When athletes undertake moderate or intense fitness sessions, their bodies will send out signals naturally that usually manifests itself as bouts of fatigue, hemo-concentration, and dehydration. When modern medications are used to suppress pain and enhance physical performance, the drug’s concentration levels in the body drastically increases. When this happens, all the vital organs like the heart, kidneys, stomach, liver, intestines along with the muscles will be affected with toxic substances from that drug. That is when there is the risk of health problems and injuries. There is also the additional problem of dealing with side effects which are magnified in the athlete’s system. This is when the person does not notice microscopic tissue traumas or pain due to injury. The culmination of suppressing these minor symptoms of pain can lead to aggravating sports injuries that can become career threatening. Pain is such an important indicator of the body’s physical limitations. That is why it is important to start any physical activity when the body experiences bouts of pain. It also plays an important role in the natural healing process.

The Risk that NSAIDs Pose to Athletes and Sports People

Conventional medicines like NSAIDs should never be used for treating/preventing injuries or enhancing performance levels in sports people and athletes. They can interfere with the body’s natural response to pain and inflammation. They can also stop the natural healing process to take place. The only system of medicine that works with your body to provide healing, promote health, rehabilitate and aid in the recovery process is homeopathy. This is because every individual will be given their own customized form of treatment and medication. No two people will have the same form of prescription, dosage or treatment. All types of homeopathic medicines are completely natural, so it does not react chemically or increase toxicity in the body.  The body is given time to heal itself naturally. If you are a sports person or an athlete who requires alternative type of healing and treatment for your injury or illness, get in touch with a homeopathic doctor today. They will prescribe the right kind of treatment suited for your body type and your sport.