What is a Homeopathic Detox?

We no longer live in a clean, pollution free world with access to natural produce and products at our beck and call. Clean air and healthy food is somewhat of a distant memory nowadays where everything is tainted with artificial products and toxic substances. Almost every substance we come into contact with is not good for the human body. Additionally, modern life has also become extremely stressful and monotonous, with fast-paced schedules. This gives us no time for proper rest and relaxation. Our body’s immune system is also in constant battle with unhealthy food, polluted living conditions and the stress of daily living. This battle has left many feeling weak and unwell with no means to live productive lives.

What is a Homeopathic Detox?

The human body is constantly being poisoned everyday, where toxins accumulate in our system. As immunity grows weak, the body is not strong or healthy enough to fight sickness and diseases through its normal eliminative channels. The build-up of stress and toxins in the body will continue to erode the immune system. If the body does not eliminate them regularly, it will lead to adverse health conditions and illnesses.

There are so many health problems and ailments that appear to have no discernible cause. Some illnesses include irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, depression, weight loss or weight gain and even some type of cancers. Due to a weakened immune system, the body will not be able to fight off other health problems like skin infections, colds, digestive problems, ulcers, etc. The only way to clear your system of toxic elements and stress is to bring it back to its original energetic level which includes physical and mental wellness. Only then the immune system will start to rid the body of its toxins on a regular basis.

How do we detoxify our body to achieve optimum health? A homeopathic detox can help immensely in making you feel healthier and live a productive life free from sickness and stress.  It acts deeply and gently cleanses, restores and removes blockages in the body’s waste removal process. You need to follow a healthy diet by combining organic, seasonal produce, probiotic foods and fluids with exercise to eliminate toxins and detoxify your system naturally. By following healthy lifestyle practices and homeopathic detoxification methods with homeopathic medicine, the body will detoxify itself through all of the excretory organs like the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, lymph nodes, pancreas and genitals. This method is called homeopathic drainage. Homeopathic drainage alleviates problems like migraines, allergic reactions, skin infections, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, fatigue, etc. It also aids in weight control and weight loss.

When homeopathic medicines are properly prescribed by an experienced homeopath, it is not dangerous or harsh for your body. It will support your whole system in finding the right balance without harmful side effects. This means that you can detoxify your body on a regular basis or as part of a health tune-up to maintain optimum immune system function. The absolute safe way to start the homeopathic detoxification process is to prescribe medication based on the person’s medical problem, underlying symptoms and medical history. Homeopathic treatments are customized for each individual patient and not by “this for that” short-cut methods. The classic yet effective homeopathic approach to prescribing medicine is to select a single remedy based on the body’s overall constitution. This is called as constitutional remedy. These remedies can cause a "healing crisis," which means there may be an interval of getting worse before getting better. To properly avoid this, the complex approach is necessary, that is, selecting a mix of remedies to balance out your body's response.

Never attempt to detoxify yourself as a detox reaction may occur which could make your health condition even worse. If you are in poor mental and physical health, you need to seek professional homeopathic advice from a practitioner. Your body may be weakened and depressed to high levels of stress and toxicity that conventional medicine cannot heal.