Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Immunity

What is the one feature in your body that fights off diseases and works to keep it in a healthy condition? It is your immunity system. It really does a stupendous job of defending your body against disease causing bacteria and viruses. But it does not work every time and fails in fighting away harmful germs and microorganisms. When this happens, you fall sick.  So how can this be prevented by making your immune system stronger? Do you take additional vitamins and minerals? Do you change the way you eat and incorporate other lifestyle activities?

Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Immunity

Here are six simple ways to give your immunity system an immediate and effective boost.
    1. Walking Outdoors - Walking close to nature does wonders for a person’s physical and mental health. There is nothing more relaxing than a long slow walk in the great outdoors to unwind from the stress and tension of everyday living. When we walk in a park or in the woods, our white blood cells increase and lowers blood pressure and stress hormones. Plants emit phytoncides, a chemical that protects it from insects and rotting. When an individual breathes in this chemical, the natural killer cells within the body increase. These cells play an important in the immune system to fight off cancer. Being close to greenery improves our overall well being and makes us much happier. 

    2. Avoiding Refined Sugars - Your immune system literally takes a stab when you gorge on foods that are rich in refined sugars. A person’s immune function can drop by 50% after consuming sugar in just 30 minutes.  What’s worse is you are at risk of obesity, heart disease, mood swings, ulcers, colitis, etc. Many people don’t know what refined sugars are. It usually comes in many forms, which include lactose (milk sugar), sucrose (cane sugar), corn syrup, fructose and maltose (grain sugar). Canned/processed foods, frozen foods, cured meats are high in sugar levels. They lack the essential nutrients needed by the body to metabolize the sugar levels properly. They are also low in fibre which contributes to illnesses and diseases. 

    3. Thinking Positive - People who suffer from anxiety and depression have a weakened immunity system. Those who are optimistic and happy have stronger immunity, enhanced mental stability/functioning and good physical health. To put it simply, thinking positive everyday will improve your immunity function. To help boost and balance your immunity system, always portray self-acceptance, contentment, love, freely and have hope and faith. Negative thinking suppresses immunity function thus leading to fear, grief, depression, panic and anxiety. According to Louise Hay, in her widely acclaimed book titled “Heal your Body”, she described guilt, anger, resentment and criticism as the mental thought patterns responsible for causing disease and illness in the body. A pessimist will have poorer health compared to an optimist. It is in your hands to choose to live life more positively and distance yourself away from negative influences. 

    4. Laughing Often - Laughter is definitely the best medicine for your body. It can reduce inflammation in the body and significantly boost immunity levels. So laugh more, have fun, watch comedies and read lots of jokes to get into a good frame of mind. 

    5. Spending Time with Supportive People - People involved in caring and supportive social relationships have better health. People who are isolated and reclusive don’t have good physical health. To improve your health and immunity function, get acquainted with people you enjoy to be around like friends, family members and other support groups. 

    6. Meditating Everyday - Meditation produces positive vibrations in both the immune system and the brain. Take time off every day for at least 20 minutes to reflect on all good things that make you feel confident and worthy. You can also try your hand in Yoga and deep breathing exercises.