Homeopathy Treatments for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder other known as PTSD is a psychiatric condition that is brought on by memories of extremely stressful situations or life threatening events. The individual relives the experiences through nightmares, flashbacks and behavioral disorders like depression, fear, anxiety and insomnia. They may also experience feelings of detachment from family members, friends and other familiar surroundings. In many cases, PTSD is so severe that it affects the individual’s lifestyle in a profound way.

Homeopathy Treatments for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Healing from a trauma can take several counseling sessions with constitutional homeopathic remedy. The patient should be given ample time to describe their experience and the effect it has had on them and their outlook. Homeopathy treatments works on the Principle of Individualization which simply means that every individual is given treatments tailor made for their problem. No two treatment procedures are the same. The medicine varies for every individual based on their onset, duration, progress, sensation, location, modalities and symptoms. However, homeopathic remedies have proven to have a positive effect on children as well as adults who suffer from PTSD.

Homeopathy has the power to relinquish PTSD’s energetic hold on the patient. This is because the energetic shock from the trauma or event sets up the subsequent pattern of dysfunction in the individual. Conventional drugs for PTSD will not yield satisfactory results as drug therapy only serves to suppress the symptoms for a temporary period of time, thus failing to address the underlying energetic nature of the problem. Talk therapies may manage the effects of PTSD but it is not capable of releasing the individual from its recurring tendency. In order to achieve true therapeutic success, homeopathic remedies are an energy based therapy to cure an energetically induced illness like PTSD. Homeopathic remedies for PTSD

  • Stramonium – This medicine is effective for night fears and nightmares, especially for children who are afraid to sleep in the dark. It is helpful for treating anxiety disorders after experiencing harrowing situations like rape and violence. It is also used for individuals who experience fear, anguish, sleeplessness and the constant feeling of being surrounded by danger.
  • Mancinella – This medicine is effective for worn out women, children or any individual who has the feeling of being possessed.  
  • Gelsemium – This medicine can quell anticipatory fears in children and adults who perceive that something bad will happen to them in the future. The patient will experience occipital headaches, diarrhea and often feels weak with heavy eyelids.
  • Staphysagria – This medicine helps children and adults deal with nightmares after violence. Individual who need this medication often feel powerless and unable to defend themselves. They may seem sweet in nature but are unable to deal with anger or grief. They suppress these symptoms which often lead to outbursts of uncontrollable rage.
  • Chamomilla – This medicine brings a sense of calmness to children who have experienced severe trauma and show signs of hyper-vigilance and hypersensitivity. They may be overly sensitive to noise and music and complain of stomach aches. Patients feel relief and calm after they have been gently rocked.