Fight Obesity with Homeopathy

Obesity is a chronic health condition that affects many people in the world today. According to statistics 33% of men, 35% of women and 16% of children are obese. The causes of obesity can be improper diet, stress, diabetes, thyroid problems, insufficient exercise, alcohol consumption, eating disorders, insufficient sleep, hereditary or genetic disorders, etc.

Fight Obesity with Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a very safe, effective and holistic form of treatment for fat loss in obese people. The medicine is composed of natural elements where dosage is given in small, diluted amounts. It is gentle on the body and goes to the root of the problem, thus reducing weight and offering fast weight loss. This is because calories are burned faster by speeding up the metabolic rate.  There are over 200 homeopathic remedies for obesity. The choice of remedy is based on the medical history of the patient. What’s more, every individual is given customized homeopathic treatment based on their symptoms, body type and medical problem.

Alternative healing methods can also be administered for reducing cholesterol and unwanted fat in the body. There are simple natural methods along with homeopathic medicines, which can completely cure your problem.

There are 5 natural holistic treatments listed below that help in losing weight:

  • Calcarea Carbonica - This homeopathic medicine is the most effective for weight loss. It is given to lose excess fat in the abdomen. The patient is fat and flabby with his/her metabolism working at a very low pace, which results in weight gain and obesity. Some characteristics of the patient who is given the medicine have the tendency to perspire a lot from the head region and can’t tolerate cold air. There are also peculiar eating habits which includes craving for things like lime, clay, chalk, pencils, etc. The patient also suffers from constipation problems due to sluggish metabolic activity. However, this medicine is given to obese patients who also have thyroid problems.
  • Nutritional Therapy - Food intake is closely related to obesity and nutritional therapy involves eating differently and not eating less. The calories eaten everyday should mostly comprise of carbohydrates, less than a quarter on fats and the remainder on proteins. Proteins and carbohydrates supply four calories per gram and fat provides nine. Other foods that should be incorporated should include high-fiber, unrefined complex carbohydrates like whole grains, raw fruits and partially cooked vegetables. Refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar should be avoided. Many natural doctors recommend limiting foods from animal sources to egg whites and non-fat dairy sources. The other important component to getting rid of bodily toxins is to drink purified water every day.  Nutritional supplements like Zinc, Vitamins and Minerals also prove useful.
  • Natrum Mur – This homeopathic medicine is used to eliminate excess fat in the thighs and buttocks region of the body. The patients who are suitable for this medicine cannot tolerate excessive heat or heat from the sun. They usually suffer from anemia, stress and depression. There is also craving for extra salt in food. They have weeping tendencies especially when alone.
  • Lycopodium – This is the most useful remedy for fat loss. The patients who require this medication suffer from gastric troubles like constipation and flatulence. They have cravings for sweet foods and indulge in hot food and hot drinks. They eat far beyond their capacity which results in bloating of the abdomen and weight gain. The person can get easily angry and irritable especially in instances when they are contradicted.

Home Remedies

The most important step to prevent binging and overeating is to never skip meals, especially breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and helps in providing a steady stream of energy throughout the day. Don’t eat snacks in between meals. Instead of eating 2-3 full meals a days, shift to 4-5 small meals a day. You will start adapting to a reduced diet and also increase the metabolic rate in your body. The other better option is physical exercise. Brisk walking or slow jogging is the best exercise to begin with. You can work out for at least 30mins to an hour every day. Burn up unwanted calories by doing chores around the house.

Do not forget that it is important to consult a professional Homeopathic Practitioner before taking homeopathic medicines of any kind. Only then will you find safe and long lasting cure for a health problem like obesity. There is no miracle cure for obesity as it takes the right kind of holistic treatment over a period of time to overcome the problem.