Homeopathy for Skin problems

The mirror of your expression and the impression of your personality is the face. If there are skin conditions that regularly affect the areas in your face, then it is a major cause for concern. This is because, in today’s society a lot of importance is given to how one looks and if our skin is not perfect and healthy, it tends to affect our confidence and self esteem.

Homeopathy for Skin problems

Many people suffer from oily, dry and sensitive skin issues. If you have been experiencing these problems regularly, then there is a hundred percent possibility that you might have been a victim of blemishes and breakouts ever since your teen years. There is a way you can employ to mitigate the effects of having oily, dry or sensitive and that is simply by trying out homeopathic treatments.

Homeopathy is the right remedy which is proven to produce marked improvement in people with skin problems and conditions. Skin conditions are broadly classified into allergies, infections, auto-immune disorders and psychological disturbances. Skin infections can be caused to the infestation of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi in the body.  Chicken pox, Measles, Warts and Herpes are common examples of viral infections. Abscesses, Impetigo and Folliculitis are examples of bacterial infections. Parasite and fungal infections are caused by infestation of lice and parasites. Urticaria and Eczema are allergic manifestations while Lupus, Psoriasis and Vitiligo are auto-immune disorders by nature. Hormonal changes along with Psychological disturbances can lead to conditions like seborrhoeic deramatitis and acne.

Why Homeopathy for Skin Problems

Homeopathy confronts the problem deep within by recognising the body as a unified system which is wholly made up of physical as well as psychological components. Homeopathic medicines do not target causative organisms as opposed to anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-parasitic or anti-viral medications. Homeopathic treatment boosts the immune system to fight and overpower illness, infection and disease. It is for this reason that homeopathy is an invaluable resource in the prevention of health problems.

To illustrate an example, Variolinium and Morbillinum are extensively used to prevent skin problems like Chicken pox and Measles respectively. Homeopathic treatment does not involve the use of external applications. This is because; conventional medicine suppresses the disease and symptoms only to return with a vengeance which does more damage to the body. The next time it can manifest itself in a completely different way by causing other complications like severe side effects or damage to important body parts.

In every kind of acute disease or illness, a professional homeopathic doctor uses discretion in deciding whether to prescribe medication of not. This is because certain diseases are self limiting and usually run their natural course uneventfully.  However to prevent unnecessary complications and treat distressing symptoms, some medication is prescribed and customized to the individual’s body type and medical history.

To sum it up, homeopathy is the only cure that reflects the cause. It is the only source of natural, alternative medicine that offers safe and easy-to-use dosage and fosters effective healing without the harsh side effects of conventional drugs.