Homeopathy for Substance Abuse and Addiction

What is the difference between Abuse and Addiction? Why do people abuse substances and get addicted to drugs and alcohol? Too much intake of drugs can cause a pattern of problems, a condition called drug abuse. Having anything in excess like drinking alcohol and smoking on a regular basis can create a medical issue called addiction or dependence.

Studies indicate that 27.4 millions of Americans experience alcohol and drug problems. The characteristics of substance abuse and addiction bring about an insatiable craving for drugs or alcohol. There may be intense withdrawal symptoms by the individual who has no access to the substance. The person also has changes in behavior, judgment and emotional stability during, after and post detoxification.

Homeopathy for Substance Abuse and Addiction

Addiction and Substance Abuse is something that many people will not admit, even to themselves. They always feel that they can stop at will and that it's a choice to be made whenever possible. However, the harsh reality is that the person has been lying to themselves for not seeking proper help and treatment during that period. Rehab centers may offer help in extremely severe cases. But once a person is out of rehab, he/she may resume to the habit again. Homeopathic treatment has been proven to help people quit addiction and substance abuse once they have made the right decision to seek professional help.

Why Homeopathy for Drug Abuse & Addiction

Homeopathy is a wonderful treatment for those seeking help in withdrawing from drug and alcohol addiction. It relieves the immediate symptoms due to the effects of using substances and also works on the underlying cause. This applies to any problem whether it’s, acquired, inherited, or due to emotional or psychological issues.

Homeopathy has proven to be incredibly effective for supporting patients during the early stages of recovery. Since Homeopathy methods are natural and non-toxic, it stimulates the individual’s system to deal with the illness more efficiently. All treatments are prescribed based on the person’s body type and illness. That is why the cure is permanent without the chances of withdrawal or side effects. Some of the common herbal remedies used for Homeopathic treatments are Lachesis, Arsenicum album and Nux vomica. These remedies can be used in three ways:

  • Tautopathic application of the abused substance
  • Apply remedies for presenting symptoms
  • Apply remedies according to the constitutional simillimum

Get in touch with a Homeopathic Doctor to get help for yourself or a loved one who is suffering from substance abuse or addiction. Homeopaths believe that drug addiction or substance abuse is a spiritual predicament and, as such, provides a vehicle for transcendence and growth. Since addictions reside within the physical, emotional, and mental areas of the personality, Homeopaths will focus on each of these aspects of a person to bring about whole healing.