Understanding Psychosynthesis

The development of human potential coupled with a comprehensive approach to self-realization is termed as Psychosynthesis. The aim of this practice is to enable people to discover and utilize their true spiritual nature in everyday life. It increases one's creative potential, improves quality in relationships and the ability to function in the modern world in a harmonious way.  Displaying some facets of psychotherapy, it is a collection of exercises and techniques which are designed to help people move towards what they want to in life and discard what they don’t want or need. A method that involves practicality, it integrates principles derived from personal growth.

Psychosynthesis doesn’t determine how a person should be like. On the contrary, it involves the person looking into themselves on how they should become what they want to be like. This tunes into the realm of self and purpose, thus does not just gratify partial unbalanced desires but being able to be a person that adjusts and fits into any situation on the journey of life.

Psychosynthesis is a method of self-improvement, more to say a kind of therapy that coordinates with the unfolding evolution of nature. It brings wholeness, awareness and a connection to the process of evolution that happens in each individual person. Termed effectively as psychology for the soul, it emphasizes the value of inspiration, intuition and creative insight. While concentrating on an individual’s character and personality it also taps into the realms ascribed to esoteric and mystical doctrines. These areas may be spiritual but it does not impose any kind of belief system or doctrine upon the individual who uses it. In short, it is not a religion but a way of life that allows you to live anyway you want.

To practice Psychosynthesis, you need to understand your own life and yourself as a person so that you can trust on your own unfoldment and growth. This want it honors both the individual and the kind of people associated with that person, so that there is no pride or ego involved. It does not teach anyone to put themselves above anyone else. We can utilize and honor our wishes but not at the expense of others. This prevents any rigid stereotyping or labeling of individuals.

Psychosynthesis helps us recognize that every one of us is constantly growing. This puts value and meaning into our life and gives us the ability to make the right decisions. There is also this familiarization of responsibility to the world and ourselves as a whole. Know yourself is the right term for these words which includes the whole person. It is composed of the spiritual and physical personality of the person, which brings a sense of connection to the divine, the energy within us. This brings about inner healing in all of us because of the right attitude instilled through Psychosynthesis.

To live better lives, function more effectively and become more centered, Psychosynthesis helps us explore these parts in detail. Out body works together to bring about complete healing. So our psychological functions which comprises of our emotions, feelings, sensations, thoughts, imagination, intuition, creativity and every other thing that completes us, can work well and live without conflict.