Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Labor

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and interesting period in the lives of women. There are so many positive changes that take place in the body as the baby grows and develops. Apart from hormonal, physical, emotional and psychological changes, it can involve a great deal of stress for young mothers. Homeopathic treatments and medicines can help tremendously in the run up to the birth of a child and also in reducing or avoiding certain complications associated with labor and the post natal phase.

Some women will choose to go through minor problems like nausea, anemia, UTI infections, morning sickness, indigestion, backache and so on rather than take treatment. This is because they are afraid that taking conventional medication will trigger side effects and other disorders in their unborn child. To maintain balance physically and mentally as the pregnancy progresses, homeopathy is ideal for women during their child bearing years. Being a gentle, yet effective system of medicine, it is definitely safer for your physical health as well as the health of your baby. This is because the medicines are taken from herbs and plants and only minute amount of the active ingredient in the prescribed dosage is used. This stimulates the body’s own ability to heal itself naturally. Another important fact is that two people with the same symptoms are prescribed completely different forms of medicines and treatment procedures. This is because homeopathy is based on the physical problem and not the symptom itself. Homeopathy is effective in avoiding or reducing complications after the third trimester of pregnancy following up to the birth. Miscarriage, false labor and irregular bleeding can be effectively avoided if homeopathic medication is used frequently. Before actual delivery, homeopathy medicines can tone up the uterus, produce good contractions and lessen the chances of becoming over tired during labor.  It is also extremely safe to use in children and breast-feeding mums as it is completely non-toxic.

To prepare you for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery, good homeopathic treatment is ideal. You will also be giving your baby a healthy environment to grow and thrive. A homeopathy doctor will also prescribe a proper diet and certain lifestyle changes to encourage a healthy pregnancy and birth.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is very important during pregnancy and birth. Make sure that you take foods high in vitamins and minerals and eat them at regular intervals. Also take care to sleep well and exercise regularly by taking the advice of your practitioner first. Alcohol, caffeine, tea and smoking should be avoided as it affects your health and the health of your baby. You can also try your hand at yoga while pregnant. But make sure you do yoga exercises with the help of a professional instructor.