Treating Constipation through Homeopathy

Often our lifestyle is the key reason for constipation in adults as well as children. The greatest remedy for this also lies in our lifestyle change, diet change & a bit of exercise. Most commonly assumed symptom of constipation is not passing stools every day, but medical science looks at it in a very different way. Some of the symptoms termed as ‘Constipation’ among others are when

1. An individual has not had at least 3 bowel movements in a week.
2. If the stools are hard or difficult to pass.
3. If even after passing stools, there is a feeling of ‘need to go more’.
4. Need to strain hard for the stools to pass.
5. Sense of obstruction at anus during the time of passing stools.
6. Having a bloated feeling & being sluggish.

What causes constipation? The food we eat is processed in our colon-the large intestine. The colon extracts water from the food and absorbs it and once the food is processed, it contracts and passes the waste from the food absorbed into the rectum from where it is excreted out of the body. So as you can see, water is important for the colon to function normally, so also, wastage or fiber in food.

As suggested earlier, the best remedy for constipation definitely, is a change in lifestyle, diet and exercise. Drinking lots of water will give relief to a large extent. Another remedy is drinking a tall glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. It will also do a lot of good as warm water in the morning activates all the internal organs and gets them functioning normally. But, there are cases where the condition can be very challenging and this can be best treated using Homeopathy.

Authentic and traditional Homeopathy does not consider only the symptoms but rather looks at holistic healing of the problem from its roots and that is why Homeopathy takes into account the psychological factors of the patient also before suggesting treatment. Many of the illnesses have their roots in the psychological set up of the patient. For example, some people will not pass stools while traveling even if there is an urge, because they don’t like using public toilets. Now this is not a major problem if the person travels only once in a while, but if they travel literally often then the problem of constipation slowly sets in and the cause for it is their psychological set up. Hence treating such cases definitely needs a good understanding of the person’s psychological set up and cannot just go on symptoms and that is where Homeopathy plays a vital role. The medicines used in authentic Homeopathy are free from any side effects and therefore the perfect system for treating any illness.

In stubborn cases of constipation where help is needed, there are a few medicines that can be used, but do remember these medicines are to be used strictly only on consultation with a certified Homeopathic practitioner.

NUX VOMICA – this is used for patients who have the urge to pass stools but unable to pass, which in most cases may be due to abuse of drugs, irregular sleep habits or maybe even irregular food habits.

OPIUM – this is used in patients who don’t have the urge to pass stools at all.

PLATINA – this is used for patients who don’t give in to the urge to pass stools which may be caused due to traveling etc.

ALUMINA – this is used for patients who have developed constipation over the years caused due to cooking food in aluminium utensils. In many cases, this has proved to be very useful in treating constipation in children too.

SENNA – this is used for patients who have very severe constipation.

These are just a few of the medicines used from the wide range of Homeopathic medicines available. 
Drinking lots of water, eating good fibrous food and a bit of exercise is by far the best remedy for constipation.