Mental illness and Homeopathy

You will find that Psychological disorders are major health issues these days. Studies show that every one in five person suffer from some kind of psychological disturbance and this tendency is on the rise. The social demands and challenges call for exhaustive reception and invariable adjustments. Pitiable interpersonal skills and Job stress at both family and social level has its effect.

Most people feel misconstrued, unaided and discarded. Emotions are discontented and mind organization skill is deficient. Modes of communication are rising but true communication is missing. Everything happening at personal, social, professional or day to day life has profound psychological impact. There is an alarming increase in psychological disorders.

Allopathic medicines modify indications in a few cases but the results are unacceptable and it is likely that the individual becomes less efficient due to the side effects. Homeopathy is one genuine solution. It is a secure and efficient treatment process of psycho somatic, psycho sexual and psychological complaints. It is one method which has harmless and successful cure for such illness.

Homeopathy doctors try to get the life story and see how it has affected the person. There is no difference made between emotional, physical, and mental health. The causative factors are all inter connected. We look at the whole person. In homeopathy the whole picture is taken into account.
A Doctors approach and Observations:
  • The practitioner sets aside biases and is non-judgmental and non-critical.
  • The patient is treated with respect.
  • The major problem in homeopathy is treating people with severe mental problems where majority of them are on drugs which can interfere with homeopathic treatment, in many cases.
  • They need to continue with these medicines, but these medicines cover up the symptoms so that doctors can’t see what exactly is happening inside.
  • Many patients find it easier to come in for a physical problem.
  • There is often a reluctance to talk about emotional problems. Patients come in complaining of a problem with their finger, where the problem is really emotional. It is addressed as the "finger problem."
  • Most communication is non-verbal. This is even more so with mental and emotional cases.
  • There are also the problems of exercise addiction connected to emotional disturbances.
  • The body language and gestures of the patients hold significant connection to their mental state.
  • One more clue is misattribution of symptoms. Occasionally they will linger on significant problem in the past and then they cut it off. Often the hand gestures don't match what the patient is saying.
Homeopathy improves legitimate expression, enhancing the health of body and mind and enhances mental alertness & activity level. It does not make the patient dull and can be used along with their regular treatment to minimize its side effects and improve health. It is about time that humankind identifies the effective and safe healing power of homeopathy.

One should not underrate the power of minute white pellets. The best thing about homeopathy is that it enhances positive mental health relieving subconscious psychological conflicts and also relieves psychological disorders. Homeopathy has done miracles in treatment of psychological complaints and physical diseases like magic. It is pure science. The choice of homeopathic medication is based on the appearance of the situation, its cause, and an entire series of other criteria like family history, normal Physical and mental profile etc. Homeopathy offers much better prognosis is all psychological illness than any other system of medicine. The treatment for such conditions varies from person to person. But ultimately, Homeopathy offers hope to people!