Can Phobias be Treated with Homeopathy?

We experience fear of something or the other at some point of our life and most of them seem quite insignificant and irrational, like getting into a dark room, the sight of snake or spider or taking a flight. Nevertheless, if our fears are extreme and interfere with our normal day-to-day activities then we may be suffering from Phobias which call for immediate treatment without further delay.

Phobia is an understandable response to definite things, activity or situations that may possibly cause injury or impairment to our physical and mental health and it is a deep-seated, lasting, unreasonable fear of something causing an anxiety disorder. Phobias tend to restrict our movements and force us to take ultimate measures to avoid the source that triggers it. This affects our life immensely and makes us critically disabled to function normally at home or workplace.

There is a long` list of phobias and they are broadly classified into three categories.

Social phobia is the fear of associating with others in social settings to avoid uneasy feelings such as embarrassment.

Agoraphobia is the fear of public places where the person stay away from busy places such as movie theatres, shopping malls, subways, travelling by airplanes, cars, and they might feel safe and secure only at their own home. They fear leaving their secure environment they consider safe. 

Specific Phobias like- Hydrophobia, Arachnophobia, Aviatophobia or Aerophobia, Claustrophobia, Monophobia, Achluophobia and many more form another group of phobias.

Reasons for developing Phobia might be early childhood experience with fearful parents, teachers or anyone who can influence us, making the world seem an unsafe place, Adopted phobias from Unhealthy stressful relationships, diseases like epilepsy or brain injury, Poverty, Social factors, terrifying events in childhood, lingering stress, anxiety and depression.

An effectual treatment of phobias is possible with homoeopathic medicines. By studying one’s constitution, a prescription can be made to effectively treat the specific uncommon fear. 

Homeopathy has an exceptional proven safety record of clinical effectiveness with the FDA.A healthy immune system controls our body's healing process and safeguards it against infections and diseases. The ability to strengthen mental calmness promotes liveliness, longevity and wellness. The specialty of homeopathy is that people on other medication can take homeopathy safely without any adverse reactions and the medicines do not have addictive characteristics. 

Homeopathic remedies are harmless and effective for adults as well as children and will escort to a permanent long-lasting cure, and also help to heal and promote mental health by strengthening the body to heal itself. The remedies of Homeopathic treatment include relaxation techniques such as Meditation, Yoga, progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic relaxation using imagery. Other measures such a Desensitizing fear through gradual measured and repeated exposure to the cause of phobia is also incorporated to conquer one’s fear. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is another method that goes hand in hand with homeopathic treatment to get rid of Phobia of certain types.

 Self help remedies such as these can be adopted

• Involve yourself in sports or exercising activities.
• Adopt ways to handle your stress.
• Seek the support of family and friends.
• Go for relaxation techniques and stay away from stimulants like coffee and alcohol.
• Focus on special qualities in you.
• List out irrational fears, and figure out why you have the fears and how to deal with them.
• Get adequate sleep.