Homeopathy Can Ease Winter Illnesses

Winter has set in and with it come the colds, sore throats and sinusitis problems that usually accompany the season. Some people are so sensitive that even a whiff of cold air triggers an attack which can last the rest of the season.

Common Winter Illnesses

Recurrent Cold 

It may start with a sore throat, mild aches and pains, maybe a fever and then go on to a dry or mild cough with nasal congestion. Symptoms usually last from 7 to 14 days but that depends on the virus and on your health.


Sometimes, winter colds don’t go away at once and can cause a sinus infection. Symptoms include sinus pain, headache, heavy head, pressure in the forehead, cheeks and/or between the eyes and thick yellow/green phlegm.

Strep Throat 

This is common in children and young adults. Symptoms include severe sore throat, fever, achiness, swollen neck lymph nodes and white patches on the back of the tonsils.


The flu is more severe than the common cold. Symptoms may include achiness, fever, dry cough and headache.

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Homeopathy Has Effective Remedies for Winter Illnesses 

Homeopathy works by raising our immunity and immune response. Having a regular immune boosting homeopathic preparation may be all you need to prevent colds brought on by exposure to chilly, winter winds. Homeopathy acts as a preventative medicine and is especially helpful in frequent cold infections. It either prevents them or reduces their intensity.

Homeopathy is especially advised for adults and children who are very sensitive to the cold and fall ill often during the winter. Homeopathic medicines do not cause any side effects even when taken for long periods. So, even if the medication is taken right through winter, it isn’t a problem.

Get ready for winter by consulting a homeopathic doctor. You can find a good homeopathic doctor if you search online. If you are looking for one close to you, you can search for him/her specifically, for example, just type in “Homeopathy doctors in Saratoga.” You are bound to find someone great.