Weak Memory: Five Top Homeopathy Cures for You

Forgetfulness can come often in the way of leading a normal life. Sometimes you forget certain things simply because you don’t find them important or interesting enough to remember. Then there are instances when you fail to recall important events or dates because of lack of concentration.

The situation can be pretty embarrassing where you fail to recognize close acquaintances when you meet them after a long time, even recall their names, or tend to forget important information during a crucial discussion.

Weak memory is due to several reasons like aging, lack of concentration, depression, anxiety, certain medications used over a long period and so on. Homeopathy offers some amazing cures for weak memory. A few symptoms of forgetfulness and relevant remedies are discussed below.

Failure to recollect, comprehend simple sentences and premature aging

Agnus Castus 6 or 30 is recommended for patients who are absent minded, and can’t recollect or understand simple things easily.  It has proved to be beneficial for those aging prematurely due to sexual abuse and loss of male vitality. Consult a homeopathy medicine practitioner to know the right dose.

Sudden memory loss, absentmindedness and confusion

Anacardium 30 can be of great help for someone suffering from impaired or sudden loss of memory. If the patient seems troubled, confused and suffers from lack of confidence, which in turn disrupts business or profession, then this homeopathy medicine is the suggested remedy. Anacardium 30 can be taken once in 4 days.

Weak memory, failure to observe or understand and gastric problems

Argentum nitricum 30 is advised for those with weak memory and poor understanding or perception power. Those who look prematurely aged due to gastric problems and often complain of belching can get relief by taking this medicine. It is particularly recommended for patients having the above-mentioned symptoms along with craving for cheese and salt.

Memory loss due to old age

Baryta carb 30 or 200 is the right solution for aged patients suffering from loss of memory and mental weakness. This problem often affects their level of confidence. It can be taken once in a week or as per expert advice.

Inability to express thoughts and nervous breakdown among young people

Phosphoric Acid 30 is advised in cases where the patient faces difficulty in collecting thoughts or finding the right word to express them. It is specifically suggested for youths suffering from nervous exhaustion. Young people who have progressed fast, and who feel now mentally and physically exhausted, can take this homeopathy medicine to overcome the situation. Phosphoric acid 30 can be taken once in 3-4 days or as per homeopathy practitioner’s advice.

Homeopathy cures have been suggested above according to the degree and nature of different aspects of forgetfulness. However, it is always advisable to get in touch with a proficient homeopathy practitioner before following any treatment plan. The success of a homeopathy treatment depends a lot on the right diagnosis of a given condition, the right medicine and the right dosage.

Thus a great emphasis on expert consultation is in order. When the condition is a grave one such as forgetfulness, an early diagnosis and timely treatment can help cure the problem at the earliest. Take the right step with the help of an expert homeopath.